An Introduction

In staring at the blank about me section of my profile here, I browsed to other sites to see what I had written there with the hopes of copying some of it over.   Well, it turns out a LOT has changed with me in the past so many years.  

I didn’t realize some of them still listed me as a single mom in the suburbs, or that I’m mostly liberal.  My husband and I celebrated 5 years living together and 2 years married already.  And I no longer consider myself liberal.  That’s a large part due to Corey Goode’s testimony via David Wilcock when he was doing the Gaia series, I slowly began to see the light politically speaking.  I would say I still hold some liberal views, but I no longer believe in their platform, their policies, or direction.  One could say I joined the #WalkAway movement back at the time.  And I suppose with all my dreams of living on a farm with an orchard, those views may have been bound to morph in time.  But who knows.

Regardless, my political viewpoints don’t make up “who I am” anymore than anything else.  I am still farm-life dreaming, but several major steps closer to that dream.  

So who am I?  How do I fill out this short “about me” section?

I am morphing.  I am constant change.  I am openness.  I am wisdom.  I am enthusiasm.  I am always seeking to learn more.  I crave old-tech knowledge.  I am someone who holds space for others to be who they are becoming, and try to offer my Self the same space.

I am also flawed.  I have a self-critical inner voice I am learning to tame.  I have dietary restrictions that make it hard to eat “ideally” and thus I eat more “practically”, for now anyway.  I have a stubborn streak that I learned to tame years and years ago, but allow to come out to aid me in appropriate circumstances.  2020 and c19 is one example of such circumstances.  I think it has altered us all in personal ways, and there is no going back to what was.  The way forward will need to be created.  I believe I am here to be a part of that unfolding.

As for more mundane aspects, I am a software developer for my day job, a high-tech geek you might say.  I work for a great small company that does big things.  I love my job in many ways.  In some ways, I feel tied to it like anyone else likely feels tied down by their job.  One day, the IT industry will out-pace my knowledge and/or desire to keep up.  Our self-sustainable life on a mini-farm aims to fulfil that gap.

As for spirituality… I’ve always been a seeker.  I can recall sometime about the age of middle school, I found a book about Roswell in the grocery line checkout.  I had to have it.  My mother was always buying us magazines or books, it didn’t matter our interests.  She was just interested in furthering our reading skills, so she bought it for me.  I never looked back.  I was hooked on reading about UFO encounters.  I can remember taking the city bus to the library.  And when I was old enough to drive I would go there by car and spend hours in the occult section, then check out with a tall stack of books.  For the next 2 weeks I would sit on my floor at home with books all around scanning for the best ones to devour first.  And devour I did!

Those early years of seeking, lead into other subjects, in particular “walk-ins” with Ruth Montgomery’s “Aliens Among Us” (if I recall correctly).  The rest is history.  I would read on any occult subject, just to learn more of what’s possible out there.  

At 18 I had my first (and sadly, only) OBE.  It was a doosey!  As I look back on it now, I understand it involved a download.  For most of my life, I didn’t have the language to describe it well enough.  I would just say, “It felt like I knew everything all at once and nothing specific at the same time.”  It felt awe-inspiring.  I feel this experience was to further whet my whistle, so to speak.

Skipping a lot here…

In 2006, I was introduced to Sadhguru.  Some of you may recognize that name.  There was a small group of people who had helped bring him to America for the first time and the city in which I lived was the 2nd city he started doing programs in.  So, the people in our city center were close to the center of Isha Foundation’s US operations.  Eventually I went to India for advance programs.  And for a decade or more, I supported various IT functions in the local organization.  When I moved to Virginia, I stepped down from all that.  It was time for fresh meditators to take it on.

That said, I honestly don’t meditate daily anymore.  I know I should.  I have tasted what it can do. I know better.  I am lazy.  Let’s call this part of my shadow that I’m working on.  Part of me feels like I am living in positive intention and that alone is a sort of waking meditation.  I know it’s not the same though.  I am flawed and yet open to my own inner guidance.  I am learning not to chastise myself so much.

And that is mostly me, I suppose.  Now how to condense that down to fit in the “About Me” section!?! haha

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