Table of Contents - Benefits for Teachers on AWTV
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    Innovative Social Community Features

    AscensionWorks.TV launched as a fully featured Social Network, targeted towards a very conscious community, with mobile apps launched in late 2021. We continue to grow steadily with tens of thousands of monthly active users today. Our vision is to create the most inspirational and integrated social community and teaching/learning platform. Our community needs great teachers like you!

    Hosting a Course on AWTV will also give access for you to use:

    Course Private Social Group

    • Private Social Group for Course Students with a feed of all latest updates (see screenshots above)

    Course Discussion Forum

    • A Discussion Forum area for Course Students  (You can set up the Forum Categories/Topics optionally) and threaded discussions on all lesson/video pages.

    Direct Messaging & Friend Requests

    • Students can add each other as “Friends” and send each other direct messages, without needing to share email addresses. 

    Comprehensive Privacy Settings for Students

    • Students can control their privacy settings and delete all their data at any time they wish, and any content or messages can be reported to our moderator team for review if needed. You can moderate the discussions/posts on your pages as well.

    Android and iOS Mobile Apps

    Straightforward Revenue Model – Flat Rate 70%

    You own your course, and through signing our contract are simply giving us license to sell your course.

    Your share: ~70% of net sales* (Compare with 37% through Udemy)

    *Calculation of net sales occurs after payment processor costs taken off the top (shared cost) which are typically less than 4% but in-app purchases (purchases through the Android/iOS apps require a cut be paid to Google or Apple) result in a ~15% processor fee. Also if there are any commission related costs, or any special special services you require like video editing, those costs are also subtracted before the payouts calculation. All purchases and expenses are visible on your dashboard.

    Payouts can be handled simply with your PayPal email address (configured in the dashboard). The current payout schedule is once a month. 

    Course/Webinar Livestream Service & Support

    If you would like your course (or webinar/event) to be livestreamed to registrants, on any schedule, our platform currently supports Zoom Webinar signups that send people a direct link which is unique to them (so that only verified purchasers have access). Just let us know the details if you would like support with a livestream when you are setting up your course. If our Zoom Webinar account is not in use at the livestream time specified, you can use our account for free, otherwise a small fee will be necessary based on the number of livestream registrants.

    Free Video Hosting & Free Bandwidth + Unlimited Courses (Over Time)

    No monthly fees. No hidden fees. We get paid when you get paid and we know from experience how to keep our operational costs low. You can add unlimited courses into the platform right away, but for now we plan to only publish at most one course/webinar per instructor per month.

    Instructor Dashboard to Edit/Update Courses

    You will have full control and ability to publish changes to any aspect of your courses, through our custom platform which has all standard features of any modern Learning Management System (LMS).

    Features include:

    • AWTV Hosted Videos & other embedded videos (free video hosting)
    • Quizzes & threaded discussions on course pages
    • Downloadable files for students (free file hosting)
    • Completion certificates
    • Mass emails to students
    • Track sales & revenue

    All of the above features are fully functioning in our iOS and Android apps. Course video viewing is coming to Roku, FireTV & Apple TV apps in 2023.

    Dashboard to Review Course Sales & Revenue

    Track all course sales and revenue to be paid out to you (on a monthly basis).

    Dashboard to Review Affiliate Clicks & Revenue

    An affiliate dashboard is available to all instructors which generates Affiliate links which are unique to you. If people use your links to find our platform, and they purchase other instructor’s courses or anything besides your course, you will receive a percentage of those sales (affiliate commission percentage may fluctuate based on multiple factors but will remain at least 5%). We can pay you for affiliate sales through your PayPal email address (configured in the dashboard).

    Ongoing Free & Paid Marketing Options for Your Courses

    Courses are marketed to AWTV users automatically for free, and we can also work with you to create additional marketing emails to a wider audience. We can also assist with paid social media advertisements (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) for a range of fee options depending on how much support is needed. We can track the success of the advertising campaigns to ensure advertising budget is not being wasted.

    Once your course is published, a free announcement email will go out out to all of our users who have not yet unsubscribed from product announcement emails. You can configure the content of this email while you configure your course content, in the dashboard area.

    Other Forms of Free Promotion on AWTV

    You will have access to add free and public videos for marketing, and for teaching, and so we hope to inspire our members to check out your courses through sample teaching, interviews, or any other content you would like to share to expand your audience to include more customers who are unfamiliar with your work and/or teaching subjects.

    Migration of Your Course from Any Platform to Ours

    We can assist you in moving your content quickly from any alternative course platform, and potentially provide tools to speed up the process. Just reach out to us with the details and we will let you know much we can help.

    You can certainly still host your course on any outside platforms in addition to ours, but we recommend that the price charged to students be kept the same.

    Dedicated Support Contact

    We have a dedicated employee whose first priority is handling customer support and instructor support needs. This person will be in contact with you when any questions or feedback sent in to AWTV is meant for you, and you will be able to communicate with this representative at any time about your customer support preferences or requirements for your course. All questions can be sent to [email protected] at any time.

    Auto-Generated Subtitle Review & Editing/Correction Tool

    We built in a custom subtitle editor for our platform that you can use with any of your videos to edit your auto-generated or manually created subtitles, and you can enlist someone else to do this job also. You can export/import your subtitles for use on any other platform also, into the industry standard VTT or SRT subtitle/closed-caption formats. Editing the auto generated subtitles for accuracy is recommended.

    We can also assist in hiring out someone to manually create/correct all of the subtitles for your course as needed, and let you know the estimated cost based on the details of your video content.

    Foreign language auto-generated translations are also available on request for any language. Making sure the English subtitles are correct before auto generating the foreign language subtitles is a very good idea. There is a language switcher in the top menu and the bottom menu of our website and we hope to expand to more international audiences over time.

    Professional Assistance with Video Production, Stock Images/Videos & Quality Enhancement (Optional)

    If you need any assistance with getting videos to a final high quality version, we have a team of video editors who can assist, and often on short notice.

    We can also help you create a snazzy intro or teaser trailer for your course. Here is an example we did for Bill Foss and here is an example done for Corey Goode.

    Email Your Students Anytime + List Building Tools

    You will gain access to the email list for all students who sign up to your course, in your dashboard.

    In your Instructor Dashboard is also a way to email all course students at any time, without needing to export the email addresses.

    We are also able to offer, upon request, an email list service with a full set of features for managing email lists and sending email campaigns with more detailed reports of email opens, click rates, etc. Fees for this fully featured service are low but can be set based on your specific needs. Lower fees than Mailchimp guaranteed.

    Our Innovative Features Will Continuously Expand and Improve

    Our platform is a synthesis of many well maintained open source systems, with an elegantly integrated architecture by the co-founder, Mike Waskosky, who has been programming with the latest web technologies since the 90s and is technically certified in the core technologies being used. We are excited to continue to grow the platform into a long lasting and very light filled source for higher truth, where people can also make money doing what they love. Because of our agile development approach, we encourage you to send in any requests for feature customizations or tweaks to the system to accommodate your specific needs, so please do email [email protected] with any feature requests.