Services for Course Instructors

High Vibe Social Network Community & Platform Features

Your Course will also have:

  • Private Social Group for Course Students
  • Forum for Course Students (You can select the Forum Categories)
  • Mobile Apps
  • …?

Straightforward Revenue Model

You own your course, and through signing our contract, are simply giving us license to sell your course

You take: 70% (Compare with 37% for Udemy)

We keep: 30%

Payment processor expenses: PayPal is ~4%, Stripe is ~4%, or In-app purchase is ~15%.

Ongoing Free & Paid Marketing Options for Your Course

Marketing Funnel Strategy

We can Interview You to Help Inspire Our Members/Customers

Assistance with ??

Migration of Your Course from Any Platform to Ours

Free Video Hosting & Free Bandwidth

Dashboard to Edit/Update Courses

You will have full control and ability to publish changes to any aspect of your courses, through our custom platform which has all standard features of any modern Learning Management System (LMS).

Features include:

  • Downloadable files for students (free file hosting)
  • Hosted Videos & Externally linked videos (i.e. unlisted YouTube videos are allowed)
  • Quizzes

All of the above features are fully functioning in our iOS and Android apps. Course video viewing is coming to Roku, FireTV & Apple TV apps in 2022.

Dashboard to Review Sales & Revenue

Designated Customer Support Liaison Contact Info

We have a dedicated employee whose first priority is handling customer support needs. This person will be in contact with you when any questions or feedback sent in is meant for you, and you will be able to communicate with this representative at any time about your customer support preferences or requirements for your course.

Automated Subtitles & Translations

Subtitle Review & Editing/Correction Tool

Human Generated Subtitles & Translations (Optional)

Professional Assistance with Video Production, Stock Images/Videos & Quality Enhancement (Optional)

Coming Soon – Email List Building Service