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Jeffrey Ashur – Quantum Healer (QHHT)
Raised a Bostonian, my first past life regression at age 6 was guided by my aunt. It prepared me to question many of my Catholic family’s conflicting religious beliefs. Through my younger life, I enjoyed creative expression as a musician while exploring the physical sciences & electronics.  Graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Physics & Music and Masters in Electrical Engineering led me to a career in the field of circuit chip design, demanding discipline and ingenuity.  My work in the corporate environment provided for personal development, achieving a more balanced nature and open mind.

An introduction to Life Coaching in the Tony Robbins Mastery Programs and energy healing propelled me into the practice of QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) as a natural progression for my  empathic nature.  I currently practice Past Life Regression Hypnosis, uniquely serving my clients in the Greater Boston Area, Cape Cod and may be contacted at  .