Off the Grid in “Nomadsland”

“Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century”

I actually haven’t seen this movie. I’ve not met the professional actors but have met the “extras”. My wife and I have been meeting up with thousands of “nomads” for about seven years now. Folks who by necessity or inclination have chosen the wonderer/nomad experience. I’m sure this choice is not unique to the USA, but it certainly has it’s adherents here.

Each year, with the exception of the last two years of pandemic fear, up to 10,000 people attend a group event to share and help those who live this lifestyle. We’ve met folks who live their lives out of vehicles as small as a Toyota Prius. You may be surprised at how well people have adapted to living in modern times, following the weather and traveling when and as often as required, to survive without a “home” in the traditional sense. They are not fixed to any location or a permanent job and can connect to the world when they choose. Many successfully earn a living even while “on the road”, so to speak.

The thought that the Solar Flash could happen at any time is not really my motivation for thinking of getting off the grid, however, surviving off the land has been an interest since being in a scouting program in the 1960’s as a teenager. At my current age, being prepared to transition and the fear that might have been involved, has lost it’s bite.

Corey has mentioned on several occasions that we should be prepared for some ruff times ahead. The pandemics effects over the past two years can’t help but drive that message home. Spiritual preparedness may not be enough, if we want to hang on (live) for very long in our 3D/4D bodies during or after an even bigger event than C19’s effects. Preparing for the Flash or whatever, is worth thinking about.

Planning for your food, clothing, fuel, sanitation and other basics is something we should all consider and plan for. Next week, in Quartzite, Arizona and the surrounding dessert we’ll be visiting with other selves and, in a way, a “collective consciousness” of like minded people willing to get to know perfect strangers. May Intuition guide us. We’re off in a week to spend a week with friends we’ve yet to meet.

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