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I believe that the launch of the graphic novel, the upcoming interviews and work with Jenny McCarthy and many other major areas, along with the exposure to many more people, has the potential to create huge amounts of “seeking for information” about Corey in the very near future.

If you were new to the story and experiences of Corey Goode, what areas of research, what subjects, would be of most interest to you?

I’m attempting to compile and collate a glossary of terms and subjects that will direct those who are interested in this subject and topic, to pdf files that concentrate and compile information on various subjects. I don’t yet know how to create a “poll” on this site yet, so I’m asking for the members of the Ascentionworks community to give me some help/feedback to focus my attention toward priority subject areas of information.

I hope you’ll respond in a comment below with a list of between five and ten areas of information you would like to see made more conveniently available.

Example: The Anshar, Sigmond, the Maya, SSP, ICC, Gonzales. Etcetera ……

Whatever you want to know more about…….. I’ll try to include references to where the information can be found, as much as possible. Thanks for helping one of your other selves……. 🙂 References like, what Cosmic Disclosure episode or online interview, or conference Q&A session.

My goal is to provide most of this information in the group “Research on the Corey Goode Story” and I invite all of you to join and share in building this resource. There are already pdf files of Cosmic Disclosure transcripts and Links to many interviews and presentations.

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    1. Thats not necessary and will become more evident as time rolls along. Thats not up to anyone else to decide for you who is truthful and who is not and soon they wont be able to lie at all anyway. Besides all that, it would only open up a can of worms for anyone who did it and could destroy any good works theyve done already and open them up to libel suits etc… Its a very vindictive world out there right now and unfortunately anybody can sue anybody for anything and there are plenty of lawyers that will steal your money and open suit, even if they know its a dead case. Winning a case is a whole other ball game.

  1. I would suggest making collection of CG interviews, statements and even some articles that he referenced regarding the subject of AI (I see that it’s going to be our long-term battle, so putting together more info about it, especially when it’s coming from the perspective of larger and higher Cosmic view, – this database would serve as an important source of information for those who think that AI is something that’s created and controlled by our contemporary human scientists) 🙂

    1. Thank you Margarita, As an FYI, there is a fairly good list of interview provided in the group “Research on the Corey Goode Story”. I hope you get a chance to see it and feel free to give me any suggestions on any of this type of undertaking. I’ve not begun to collect a lot of data on AI although I know there is a lot of interest. Another work in progress it seems. TY

  2. Komentatorzy skłaniają się do układu Chronologicznego; wydaje sie ze jest to przejrzysty Uklad w którym można podać odniesienia do Tematyki poruszanej w wywiadach czy tez Filmach. Powinno to byc Intuicyjne, klikam datę ,pojawia się tematyka i odniesienie do innych edycji w ty samym temacie. Zdrowia i Pogody Ducha!

    1. Intuicyjnie przechodzę również do chronologii. Dziękuję Ci. Zgadzam się. Staram się zestawić według tytułu konkretnego tematu i przedstawić go w porządku chronologicznym. Proszę członków o podzielenie się ze mną konkretnymi tematami, które chcieliby zobaczyć jako pierwsze. Dziękuję za odpowiedź. Steve

      I also intuitively move to the chronology. Thank you. I agree. I try to list a specific topic by title and present it in chronological order. I ask members to share with me specific topics they would like to see first. Thank you for your answer. Steve

  3. When thinking about the vast subject matter covered by Corey Goode in Cosmic Disclosure it became clear to me that I loved it all. It’s too difficult to choose any one subject I’d prefer to see more of over any other.

    I think a Table of Contents in a similar chronological order to the episodes on “Cosmic Disclosure,” could be very effective.

    When I initially watched “Cosmic Disclosure” I jumped around looking for the subjects that interested me most. This was great because it really captured my interest and attention with the particular subject matter I was craving at the time. However, the deeper I got into the episodes the more I realized I had done myself a disservice not watching them all from beginning to end (first episode to last). Then I went back and started over watching them sequentially allowing even more information to sink in until I was about 3/4 of the way through when “Gaia” pulled the plug. I was SO disappointed. Left “Gaia.” Cosmic Disclosure and Corey Goode were the only thing that motivated me to subscribe to the monthly streaming service.

    So, I think a sort of table of contents in a sort of chronological order would be effective with a recommendation to view the material from beginning to end sequentially as one would read a book. This would still give people the opportunity to skip around as much as they wish but eventually they’d likely watch from start to finish sequentially reinforcing the information.

    Thank you for letting me offer my suggestion.

    Sincerely & most humbly,


    1. Great suggestions……….. Thank you. Feel free to join “Research on the Corey Goode Story” group and give me any feedback regarding what is already there and what you might like to see added.

    2. I agree. Table of Contents with General Headings would be great. Having information is one thing, retrieving it is another. Ditto for the General Discussions/Groups. I can’t find anything.

  4. I believe new people need a simple comprehensive series of interviews, videos, movies, and classes that are in chronological order so they don’t get lost in the extensive narrative!
    That’s what made it easier for me when I first began! Corey has so much material to offer, sometimes it’s easiest to start at the beginning!

  5. What would be useful is that a compendium of Corey’s interviews like from Cosmic Disclosure be accessed that way. You type a general keyword, the keywords brings you several specific words pertaining to it with the link to an excerpt of the interview, with bibliographic reference link if one wants to read it whole.

  6. If I were a new user, I would look for generic keywords and expect them to branch into “specific Corey Goode testimonies” :
    (arrow –> to indicate how the newbie keyword branches into the topic)

    For example:

    Prophecy –> Micca’s prophecies on his planet –> the Blue Avian’s arrival –> Humanity from the future’s role in the past –> The Anshar

    inner Earth –> different cultures within the Earth from the Future — The Anshar –> underground bases — time travel


  7. If I were a new student to the amazing body of information available so far, I think it would be best to know who are the participating groups of negative ETs and what they have done to the planet since the ancient days. Some people are not familiar with the AI God or the Orion groups. The Reptilian races are common knowledge but people are in need to know about the connection between these particular groups. The logistics of the 20 and back programs and milabs is also a great wealth of information for the newly initiated. Honestly everything I can even think of is already covered in a previous message by Johnny Sena. This dude covered all bases.

  8. I’m a free agent whoohoo. I tried letting yous know a long time ago I’m a survivor of zeta bs and 2 n.d.e 1 Myacardial Infraction (yip I crossed over) for real. Tons of info here. But mostly just want to help !!! And help others !!!
    I’m a pro Chef Too. 707 917 1767.  Call me when ya ready 

  9. I had the same idea of producing a glossary of Corey’s related terms a few weeks ago, but I didn’t start yet. I’ll share the list i’ve made with all the terms and concepts to begin with:

    20 & Back
    Breakaway Civilization
    Draco Federation
    Orion Group
    White Royal Draco Reptilian
    Tall Greys
    Small Greys
    Tall Whites
    Dark Fleet
    Solar Warden
    Deep State
    Secret Space Program
    Smart Glass Pads
    Cosmic Web
    Council at Saturn
    Super Federation
    Super Federation Council
    Shining Ones
    4º Reich
    LOC – Lunar Operations Command
    Mars Colonies
    Earth Alliance
    SSP Alliance
    SSP Alliance Council
    Ancient Builder Race
    Ancient Grid (built by the Ancient Builder Race)
    Ra-Teir-Eir/Blue Avians
    Sphere Being Alliance
    Blue Spheres
    Golden Triangle Head Beings
    The Law Of One Books
    Solar Flash
    Corey Goode
    David Wilcock
    Cosmic Disclosure
    Above Majestic
    The Cosmic Secret
    Full Disclosure
    Partial Disclosure
    New Guardians
    Artificial Intelligence/AI God

    1. Hi Johnny……… Your list looks very much like mine….. LOL. That’s the reason why I’m looking for the areas to focus on and do a few at a time based on the communities thinking. I know I could choose a list… Read more

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