Happiness ?

If your NOT happy, it’s because that’s what you think about. In your mind, you say, “I’m not happy”. THUS you create it. You draw it like a magnet to you. Actually you could say, you mis-create, because you create what you really don’t want, but you are creating it non the less. Thinking is creating.

You haven’t come to realize how truly powerful you are. You haven’t accepted that portion of reality yet, mainly because those who do know the truth of your creative power, and can and have been able to control how and what you think, are getting what they want. What they think about and thus what they Create.

Your strength begins when you “Know yourself” – “Accept yourself” – “Become the Creator”. Law of One 74.11

I’m not saying you become a God. At least as most people think of a God or Creator. I’m saying that you begin the process to progress and become the creator of your own reality, so to speak.

I could list dozens of things people say to themselves that cause them to create what they really don’t want. Like “Why am I lacking in good health, of I’m not the body weight I want to be, or never have the money I’d like.”

My lessons, that I find most beneficial is to “Change my Mind”. Change from acknowledging the sneaky little negative thoughts creeping in unwanted and dismissing them as soon as possible. Replacing the negatively oriented “thought” as soon as possible with a more positive thought and way to assess the situation from a more positive perspective. That seems to present its self as the “work” needed.

In the beginning it is looked on as “work” because it is perhaps hard to change the way you look at things. Hard to change the way you “think”. “Work” because you haven’t had the practice of doing it like more positive thinking people have had.

Don’t beat yourself up if you find it challenging and difficult at first to “change the way you think”. Like all things in the physical world, practice is essential. It’s the practice that sharpens your skills. The “intent” and the “will” is what begins the creation of the positive you that is more “long lasting” in it’s creation and determines its incorporation into the “you” you really want to be.

Be more positive by creating more positive thoughts. For a positive human and higher self combination into the total positive “you” your wanting to create….. think and act more positive. With effort, will and intent, the strength of each grows and what was work becomes fun. Happiness increases. Fear dwindles. Prosperity improves. Your helpfulness is more effective. Your enjoyment in the process increases.

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