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  • Why not just wait for the solar flash?

    Posted by BOY on October 19, 2021 at 12:06 pm

    I don’t mean to argue in bad faith, I’m genuinely wanting to understand our current position in comparison to Micca’s past planetary liberation.

    As I understand it, our solar system is on the cusp of an immanent solar flash, something that has already been purposefully delayed overlong by the sphere beings. Comparatively, Micca’s planet seemed to have ample time prior to their solar event, in which they were not only able to starve off the orion group (Which we have no idea how they managed, considering how deeply entrenched they were), but begin to heal with the aid of the Zulu. Something I imagine would transpire over decades if not at least a century.

    This isn’t even taking into consideration our lifespans. If any of you have read the Law of One, you understand that earth’s 3rd density inhabitants have an extremely reduced lifespan. This severely limits our ability to process catalyst, and transmuting other aspects of self and society whilst incarnate. From a grander perspective however, one could conjecture that this would inevitably impact the sustained ability to enact change and break from slavery over consecutive generations. We currently don’t know how long the people of Micca’s planet lived on average before their transition.

    I understand the message of needing to get off our knees and save our selves/ do the work, but how? So much of humanity’s autonomy and power resides in the few in positions to actually make a difference. But as Corey said previously, most of these people already bowed out and turned their backs lol. What is the average person, who’s surviving pay-check to pay-check to do exactly? Start a grass-roots movement, or insular community that is snubbed, maligned or inevitably co-opted? Many of the spaces we create as “awakened” communities are often echo-chambers.

    I don’t say all this to be a downer, but realistically, unless something majorly dramatic occurs, that is able to shake people out of their indifferent torpor on a mass scale, I extremely doubt anything of significance to change on our current trajectory.

    I believe, the best one could hope for is to continue working on yourselves, protecting yourself and polarizing towards StO or StS in your day to day lives as the harvest draws near.

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  • Marc

    October 19, 2021 at 3:07 pm

    Corey Goode’s latest reports outlines that the most effective initiative the Mayas made was to starve the negative ET from the loosh they provide to their overlords. In turn, this starvation put them on “sleep” (energy conservation mode). Their influence was thus practically nullified.

    Stay focused on peace, uplifting thoughts, keep a high spirit. Actually, this simple daily practice has more impact than politics and guns. Joining a spiritual community for support for regular meditation and prayer is helpful.

    We can’t afford to wait for the micronova. WE are the hero of this story.

  • Alejandro Rodriguez

    October 19, 2021 at 3:52 pm

    Hello all, here my humble opinion for what is worth:)

    I agree with the conclusion to focus on working on oneself, for we are not all one? If one ascends, we do not all ascend? if one does not ascend, do we all not ascend?

    Ascending, not ascending seem part of the cycles of the one and there is nothing outside the one, therefore nothing is lost. It seems that for eons of time we have and will experience all dimensions through infinite cycles in an infinite spiral where time is an illusion.

    Regardless of the experience each of us have chosen to live in this particular lifetime, my proposal would be to try to accept with open heart and enjoy each second of this experience we call life fearless of external conditions, since if we look close enough we may see suffering as a great teacher and death merely as a transition, then why not enjoy the ride and take advantage of this intense experience to achieve fearless our desires? For our desires are not the hints of our chosen mission or experience here?

    In this way, it seems to me that the desire for harvest or an external event may be counter-productive for someone who desires to ascend, since this seems a very personal choice of each of us from different levels of reality/dimmensions… sorry for my english, does that make sense?

  • Mica Johnson

    November 10, 2021 at 12:00 pm

    Fully understand your logic and partly agree with you. Just to answer your question how to get off knee, the answer might be sprouting in the US right now. Some county in Texas, I don’t have the name, has spearheaded a constitutional movement. Their council voted to uphold the constitution, which is no mandatory vaccines, no masks, no lockdowns, yes guns, yes freedom, yes private properties…and people are rushing to there and their house price is rising and business booming…

    The key word is decentralized and flat power structure, which already partly exists in the US. The Federal government isn’t that powerful as all. Each state, each county can have their own say in how they want to live their life. People just have to wake up enough to elect the right council for their own county.

    No, Mica’s story does not fit earth. I feel it’s much worse here. But to start with, humanity has to try taking back their power at least. Take back the power. This is what awakening is all about. The better we are awakened and prepared, the smoother the transition in the solar flash.

  • Nebula

    November 10, 2021 at 9:18 pm

    When EBS happens, mainstream media gets shut down and the televised disclosure is broadcasted is when the masses really start waking up and global consciousness increases. Thus putting us more in a state of receiving help such as technologies and energies.

    As I recall, if your not at certain state of consciousness you will not survive the solar flash.

    In Canada I hear we will be the spearhead and blue print of the new world of abundance. All the technologies Corey talked about like med beds and replicators will be released to us for free.

    There will be a lot of humanitarian work to be done and we will continue to raise our vibrations thus preparing ourselves for the great solar flash.

  • André

    November 13, 2021 at 10:43 pm

    What do you expect from the solar flash or the waiting? Why waiting. What is afterwards? Our own problems would be still our own problems 😉

    Your last sentence said it 🙂

    For me in my life, when I had chosen to wait, taking a look back, it was a waste of time. Maybe I was not ready, so no worry, but the time was wasted and could have been used for the purpose prior. There comes a time when you are being gently forced to do the transformation of being you to the fullest potential (sometimes step by step, sometime in an instant) There are catalysts which are most likely unpleasant if you procrastinate certain aspects you need to deal with. (for me it was something simple, but turned out nasty, so I was pushed because I was annoyed of the unpleasant state I was in). Sure there are aspects when you need to be patient. If the emotions are not calibrated and connection to the inner self is low then it is a good advice to watch and observe the emotions before react, because often they mislead you, tricking by fear or other low feelings. They stall your development. I was very often rejecting these feelings and stepping beyond it. Like being afraid or unwilling of taking a cold shower in simple terms…) I just did it and was happy afterwards. So for me it was: when I are wanted to wait or postpone I just did it. When I wanted something immediately I tried to be patient. I did not wanted to be a play ball of my emotions. When you are connected very well and your emotions are calibrated, meaning you can trust them, then if they tell you wait, then wait. etc Then you can use them as guidance which bring you faster forward without necessary hardship or suffering.

    So blending back to the situation solar flash, AI and politics. These are all just theater for us to evolve. Just use what you have got. Every challenge and every situation can bring you forward. Just be aware and take the steps to be the best possible self, always with love to yourself and knowledge you are not alone but you need to take the steps on your own. When everyone uses the possibilities he has to evolve on the fastes way there would be no need for the solar flash.

    When you ask how? I see that question looks outwards. How we can make a change out there? But the change out there comes by the change within. I know you know that. But the challenging situations make us forget. Look at yourself, where are your limits, fears, anxieties, flaws, dreams and wishes etc. Analyse them, ask questions to yourself, meditate. Change the diet, detox, start making changes in your life you always wanted etc. When you do that, being your authentic self, then interaction will encourage people (unconsciously) to do their own work by your presence alone. The world transforms automatically because all change we needed before with force and energy is now being done effortless and naturally just by being your best possible self. There is no way back, once committed to yourself. This is an avalanche. Like you see the changes in societies. We cannot change people, but we can show them better versions and possibilities by our own. Just imaging you at work being happy, vital, strong, because you have done your inner work, people around you will ask what is it that he/she is such and I am not. This question alone is a catalyst of awareness for them. Without interest nothing changes.

    PS: The post may seem service to self, but it is not. You can only be of service to other if you know hot to be of service. Service to others can take multiple forms… a smile, a door opener, sometimes even something like confrontation or a breakup or a shout… I think if we take the perspective to see other people just as yourself making an individual process of evolution, and remembering that the person in front of you is not you but has the same possibilities, same origin and final destination (source) and if you have a loving relationship with yourself (important), then interaction with others will always be service to others because you keep their interest in mind wanting to have a pleasant day. You realize that if people around you are feeling good, you will too. (nobody likes bad company 😉 )

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  • Rick B

    March 1, 2022 at 4:18 am

    J B jests: You don’t want to be photographed with your pants down or a snarl on your face or looking a mess for the world wide earth family snap shot , so prepare for the solar flash. But seriouly, I suspect the solar flash is intended to burn out the chipsets of the GAi potencial devilic menace. But right now, our society inbfrastructure life support systems are heavily dependant on computer hardwear that would be rendered useless. We donjt want to lose the data gains, nor collaps society completely. Am I right? And more than e that thyat I don’t know….

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  • shaun huffman

    March 20, 2022 at 9:02 am

    did anyone see Davids latest saying we are not gonna have a solar Flash anymore ?????

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