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  • Vision of Cat-like Being Appearing in Home

    Posted by Abby Brantley on March 2, 2023 at 2:29 pm

    Some years back when I was meditating, I remember receiving this vision, but it lasted for some seconds, kind of like a very very short movie in my mind.

    I remember my mind going deeper and then suddenly I was seeing myself at a young age, maybe 5 or so, in our upstairs hallway during the daytime. I was walking towards my parents door which was slightly ajar, and I had my hand raised ready to push it open. When I did push it open and I stepped into my parents bedroom, there was a tall (though maybe they just looked tall compared to my 5 year old self), brown cat being in green clothing looking down at me, standing at the corner of my parents bed that was closest to the door. At the time when I had the vision, it seemed to me that the being was positive, but looking back on it I realize there is no way for me to know.

    I don’t know who or what sent me this vision, so I can’t confirm if it is true and authentic or not. Maybe it was myself traveling into my akashic records and retrieving a hidden memory, but that is me speculating. Speculating is fun, even if I can’t be sure though. Makes me wonder, if it is true/really did happen, for what and why?

    Another vision which I remember that came to me in a similar way, was of me seeing a negative (assumedly) being. I remember as a child again (possibly around the same age) sitting in my father’s TV room, and there are windows on every panel of wall so you can see the outside from every direction. I remember looking straight in front of me out of one of these windows and I saw the legs of a seemingly half-materialized reptilian being. I don’t know how it appeared half-materialized, maybe it had some sort of cloaking technology that allowed it to be invisible but I cannot say I have any idea as to why I saw only it’s legs materialize out of thin air. They were greenish and scaley in appearance. And that’s all I remember.

    Again, don’t know why I received these visions or what the sources of them are. I generally don’t trust anything unless I am sure it comes from a positive source, like a familiar, positive spirit I trust for certain.

    It was fun to share these. And of course, thank you for reading if you did. 🙂

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