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  • Vision of an Agarthan

    Posted by Abby Brantley on May 2, 2023 at 4:05 pm

    Decided to post this in a more appropriate forum section.

    It might sound absolutely crazy or it might not, I feel like it could be interpreted as a wishful dream to be contacted in any manner possible by the same beings Corey Goode has been contacted by. However I can remember him saying some years ago that they were connecting with humans on the surface more?

    It just came in the form of a simple but still beautiful image and a few short words exchanged.

    I saw what looked like a female being with pale skin, pale pale blonde hair that was almost white, with big eyes, a narrower jaw, in a white robe. Their hands were clasped in front of them in the vision, they were smiling a small smile.

    Hopefully more communication to come. I am very grateful for just getting this much.

    When I thought about putting forth an intent-full effort to practice connecting with them regularly, I telepathically got from the same energy that felt like the image I saw of the Agarthan, the words, “It is encouraged.”

    I am very, I guess you would say, hyper about discernment when it comes to receiving messages telepathically. I always, always, make sure to feel clairsentientally behind the words of the being or entity who spoke them to me so I can feel their intention, if it is pure and loving and positive, or not, if it is negative and ill-meaning.

    The image I got was a surprise as I wasn’t trying to connect with any higher vibrational source of communication and was just trying to nap, and the energy I felt from it felt heart-y, green like the heart chakra, pure and good-intentioned. The words I subsequently got I made sure to discern if it was from the same energy as the image and not from another “trickster” source or my own ego for lack of better descriptions. My vibration is on the lower side or at least lower that I would like, I have no way to gage it on a scale compared to others of course, but it is due to trauma I am still trying to heal and I do get negative, ill-meaning voices that pester due to this no matter how much I sage or spray positive sprays around my space, so I was watchful of any negative voices interposing in the communications after I first saw the vision of the Agarthan in my mind.

    I feel that the communication I recieved was from a pure source, the Agarthans and not just wishful and wanting fantasies of my imagination or another negative being trying to imposter or something like that.

    The words were in a few words only, not enough to be sentences or anything. The first being like, “Follow my words.” to help me listen to what they were trying to say, by focusing on the energy trail their words left in my mind.

    The words didn’t seem at the time very significant in comparison to the vision, but I got words that were like, asking me to play the piano. And when I did go along with this thought and did so, I instantly saw in my mind a visualization of the Agarthan playing one of the highest notes at the piano in my parents home that I grew up playing. Then when I sat down after her, the note that came out for me as I was playing was the lowest note on the piano. Not what I would have liked to see for myself lol, but enlightening all the same.

    That was all that really came of the communication. Again, hopefully more to come.

    If you read all this, thank you for doing so. Namaste.

    Abby Brantley replied 1 year, 2 months ago 2 Members · 2 Replies
  • 2 Replies

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