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  • Technique to remove energetic vampirism

    Posted by A on September 9, 2023 at 1:39 pm

    Technique to remove energetic vampirism:

    About rooting

    Since human is subjugated to a program which states “you have very little energy” or “you don’t have it at all”. So in order to get energy he needs to enter its trunk into another person like a plant grows its roots into soil. There exists opinion that “my lineage are my roots”, “I get my lifeforce through my lineage” – that isn’t true.

    About babies, when it is said: “Oh, such a sweet baby”, that really means: “Oh, such a delicious baby”. Since child cannot defend itself against energy parasites yet, then the baby is very tempting and inviting to parasites (babies are protected by their mothers incase mother doesn’t have to go to work). It is especially well seen with grandparents when they want to see the child regularily. Behind it is usually feeding from childs energy. Child borns into this reality with its own energy but almost all is directed into parasite world and child is forced to feed from mothers energy, is forced to root into his mother. That is why mother and child bond is so strong. The stronger the bond the more there are roots.

    It also applies to friends, girlfriends/boyfriends where mutual rooting occurs. Jealousy arises when a friend, girlfriend/boyfriend starts to be considered as one’s own, as property.

    When a girl friend gets another girl friend, a merciless fight starts between them, often a feeling of betrayal is felt. On the outside, they try to hide it in order to maintain the illusion of a good friend, but on the inside, anger (why can’t I have the energy) begins to rumble and go over the edge.

    When a person has grown their roots in another person or another person has grown their roots in them, they are like Siamese twins who can no longer go where their souls long for – they must always consider each other as if they were married. If he wanted to choose a different direction in life, he can’t because he has to carry another person with whom he is rooted. From there, conflicts arise as to where you are taking me or what you want from me. If a person starts to do something differently than before, then he will be mocked by people with whom he is rooted. For example: “He has screwed up. Before he was a fool, but now he is an upright fool”.

    If you want to free your soul from its shackles or roots, you have to make a decision to give up other people’s energy and stop allowing others to feed on your energy. It means that you remove your roots from others and others roots from you. A feeling of grief may arise, because grief is nothing more than the process of being deprived of food (energy) and removing one’s roots from the deceased – until a new person is found to root in or one dives into the depths of one’s soul for peace and rest and to recharge oneself with energy (the soul produces its own energy).

    To free yourself from others roots and to free others from your roots, with inhaling draw force out of roots and with exhaling you exhale fire onto these roots (in actuality you set fire to program of rooting).

    Next you do the same to all your past life selves, parallel incarnations. And after that be sure to remove all the soil where the roots were in. Do the same thing, while inhaling draw force out of soil and with exhaling exhale fire onto soil.

    After this process enjoy the feeling of your soul feeling free, feeling joy, feel your inner strength and inner balance.

    Layla Starling replied 7 months, 1 week ago 2 Members · 1 Reply
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  • Layla Starling

    September 10, 2023 at 8:01 am

    Interesting! I haven’t heard of this technique – removing the soil – very symbolic. When I first started my journey I made the mistake of removing ALL roots and tethers. That was a big mistake! We are very powerful beings <3

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