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    Posted by Paul Whitehouse  on October 21, 2021 at 10:00 am

    is very interesting to observe the awakening/ascension process. The
    observation is a form of experiencing. The experiences are unique
    compared to other instances to where an ascension has taken place.

    would be interesting to understand how it has taken place in other
    parts of different star systems which have earth like planets.

    or having knowledge of natural processes within the universe would
    serve as a type of guideline, considering that our own system has
    been hijacked by regressive groups, and knowledge purposefully stolen
    to create some of the worst and most negative treatment that has ever
    existed, the information stolen and hidden- universal law obstructed.

    captive, completely cut off from any understanding of existence in
    terms of truth, mind wiped and turned into something that will
    eventually explode into action – bursts of energy.

    kept us so switched off? when the information is often hidden in
    plain sight.

    is a system of controlled minds, but what tactics are used to keep
    people switched off? It is a form of possession to where the average
    minded are under control so they can be used to keep the more likely
    to awaken, under control also.

    these people who are being used as psychic handlers actually genuine
    people?, could the level of manipulation on this earth be at the
    level, to create the perfect beings to keep the mind slavery going?

    seems very apparent that most of the population should not be
    trusted(with these manipulations). And it is them who are being
    created to be very unhelpful towards others who are more awakened. So
    could they create an army of people and slot them into a specific
    point in time? making things very difficult, many distractions and
    distractive people, some of them are the perfect being to handle
    another being, possibly resulting in a lifetime of being psychically
    handled/controlled and never awakened.. Possibly even brought to
    their demise by being handled into a certain location where accidents
    are set up, even murderers are placed into position to be likely to
    target an idividual if needed.

    targeted individuals have had instances of almost awakening, until
    they are taken back off their own path with the interference of

    distraction techniques like this can be classed as being psychically
    handled through actions of others, who are made to appear and are
    always timed into position, to be there at the predicted time, to
    create the perfect timed distraction to prevent the awakening of the

    that whatever reason caused them appear is set up to create the
    desired effect. It is actually a form of timeline manipulation.

    often, if the perpetrators/people who are sent are questioned about
    why they were timed or even there, they will have no clue about how
    they were used.

    people only have ever been allowed to come into contact with only
    certain types or pre selected types, that are selected based on the
    manipulation that the target is undergoing. Basically they could make
    a persons life extremelly difficult and they are always coming into
    contact with rigged characters in reality. This is one of the ways
    they can control which people are born on the planet to suit the
    false narrative. Basically they want types that create more mess and
    are easily controlled compared to other possible genetics.

    way of finding patterns of manipulation- to do with rigged characters
    in reality, can be the observing of who is come into contact with in
    open areas that not many people visit. Like something is trying to
    send certain people near others, it can be seen clearer in places
    that hardly any visit.

    in mind that there are some places that disabled people cannot access
    easily, it would be difficult for them to then be put there by unseen
    forces at work.(especially if they are made to miraculously fall out
    of the wheelchair)causing a situation for a person to have to deal

    types who are sufferers of pain for instance, the suffering energy
    being spread onto the target making them absorb the pain of people
    who may not even be completely real, considering an unseen force is
    making them appear over other possible types. it is a form of energy

    simply, the desired character for the required manipulation.

    it is the suffering of hurt animals that is used, but what created
    the attack on that species of animal or person?.. so they were in the
    required damaged state, to then be placed around a certain
    individual. Considering time is not a boundary to these unseen
    forces, then they could create a character to achieve the required
    effect of manipulation, and then implant them into the timeline.

    is why I imagine there are so many non desirables in illusionary
    positions of power.. And something really calculated how to make them
    as bad as can be.

    like creating people for a mission, so they retard the rest or the
    few who are more real in terms of truth. Using a few to control many.
    They are created or built for purpose.

    far as I am concerned, most of the population is already dead if they
    are created to be that, they should not be trusted fully as they are
    already showing a great many signs of being spawned of the devil ,and
    so allowed to be there in that state, compared to not having
    permission and not existing for a certain purpose.

    this devilish trickster, conjure up sacrifice victims who are not
    even real? Like Dracula conjures a baby from nowhere to be
    sacrificed.. it drives the witness almost insane, but should it be
    trusted as being genuine compared to not?

    there much point feeling sympathy for murder victims because they
    could be a manifestation brought in to achieve certain effects in
    reality. In other words they manifest a terrorist incident to where
    many people are murdered, the details of the incident,like number of
    victims and location could have been orchestrated to send a powerful
    message to people to try and shut them down in their efforts.

    should any of us be shut down from our observations. If people are
    less easily tricked then they stand more of a chance of seeing
    truthfully. And I say that these tricks are being played and are being experienced/observed, they try
    to replace energies with other phantom energies designed to change

    understand more or have more awareness of awakening, seeing how it is
    controlled from happening should help in efforts of awakening.

    What also should be considered is that it doesn’t take a race of implantable or implanted genetic material of population to have to theoretically awaken- to then create the energetic shifts needed for an ascension.

    It may take some of us to go on the account or to perform actions and introduce creational laws of our universe and establish ourselves, rather than be replaced or let others do things to replace what can be experienced.

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  • 7 Replies
  • Mary-Jane I.

    October 21, 2021 at 12:51 pm

    It is a curious and unsettling thought. I think we learn to recognise such players with experience of time and learn to confront them. As I hope we are coming to learn now. And on the other hand, the same can be said for those who enter and offer benevolence and kindness and return one on a truer path. Who designs this? Do we do that for ourselves? I would be interested to hear more about how Ascension has been achieved in other realms too. One thing is for sure the charlatans can’t hide on Earth anymore. There’s no going back no matter how hard they try to impede us. I don’t think it’s possible to go back to sleep once a threshold of understanding is arrived at.

  • amanda espie

    October 21, 2021 at 12:53 pm

    I feel an awakening would not be possible if we knew all the answers. searching for the truth’s hidden from us and listening to the inner voice and trusting the inner knowing will bring us closer. At this time I don’t watch alot of TV as I feel it has a massive manipulation on how we think and its frustrating talking to people who seem to not be able to see clearly what’s happening in front of them… TV, chemicals in water all prevent us to think freely… I wonder many other aspects are at play to prevent an awareness or awakening. How hard is it to really wake up?

  • Paul Whitehouse

    October 21, 2021 at 3:08 pm

    I wrote the info a few days ago, eventually decided to not post and saved it on pc.. It was copied into the forum this morning but had a few issues with the layout of text, tried editing it as it was containg symbols and codes and then it jumbled about slightly.

    With the post, It’s about the psychic handling that is often occuring, but not so obviously seen or considered too much. It is done to individuals and on mass.

    People should obviously use their methods of discernment and do all they can to bring awareness towards positive change.

    • William Burke

      November 21, 2021 at 6:59 pm

      Dec 2019, sudden onset of extraordinarily vivid dreams began. I’m now 41, prior to this awakening, I never remembered any significant dreams. Then something happened, I started recalling every nights dream in literally memory like detail. And then it picked up more steam I Ieft my body in a dream and when I saw myself lay there I thought I died and woke up in a tremendous panic and thought I was dying again (heart racing). I’ve pretty much done everything in dream state I’ve Astrally visited the Moon flew threw purple vortex tubes in space ( could even smell an Ozone like smell inside it) visited other worlds met Nikola Tesla he had a modified cello like instrument that played music like I’ve never heard before it was beautiful. I played with him as we spoke about things truly amazing. Ive visited the Hall of records and i have a complete account of what it looks like and what is does there’s an very nice old man in charge of that room

      And then it picked up even More steam! An entity showed up a shadowy nearly smoky like face I couldn’t bring the face and body into focus and it did something to me. Suddenly it manifested in the air a symbol a blueish purple Circle or ring with about an inch wide diameter in thickness and inside that ring in the center of the circle was a solid purple triangle Apex down. I couldn’t resist looking at the symbol Then my whole body vibrated extra powerfully like holding a chainsaw and my astral body was ejected and I was shown a tv like screen with people being blown up like bowling pins scattering. Also this being did not speak. This shadowy entity was of a average normal size. This wont be the case with the ascension shadow being when we get there. After many more dreams of being on a 3 man team (seems like memories) because there so detailed of other worlds being on mother ships space battles training missions. Time traveling to meet Eisenhower to show him a 3d holographic film on this piece of clear film that projected the images he gave me special one of a kind objects to bring back so my superior officer would know we completed the task. And then one night my 3 man team said it was an emergency took me to see the oracle ( i cant make this shit up ) Put on a special vest that you fly in we went to a woman she was a Jamaican lady very very nice. I sat down and then she did something to me she did what the shadow being did with producing in the air right in front of me a swirling vortex of the chakra colors in order and i vibrated out of my body again!

      After many more dreams something truly extra amazing happened I was 4dhirolling threw a dream and something showed up a huge I mean huge shadow being that had wings folded behind it. It froze me into a trance I know this thing was huge because it was pretty damn far away. And the distance is important for this description ill say it had to be 30 feet tall or more maybe a little less but I doubt it. It telepathically started speaking to me the distance would have been to great for us to communicate any other way. It told me that were in the 4th out of the 5th stage of the ascension it said exactly that and it wanted to show me something. (and boy did it) I was held in place sort of levitating just off the ground could not move and it totally started irradiating harmlessly me with this Golden light from all directions it was coming from the sky out of the earth from left from right all directions 360 degrees of it everywhere. Most amazingly i could see the individual components of the light quite literally they looked like the musical triangle instrument but small and all linked together like golden colored triangle light chains with the apex again pointing down AND from each corner of the triangles i could see the magnetic field lines looping into every single linked triangles. Prob a total of 10 seconds i was inundated with this light. This was the first dream i had all 6 senses never did i feel threated or harmed by these things. But everything i see and read says these shadow beings are hijacking souls did My soul get taken? Have i been over ran by something? I actually turned into a better person over these last 2 years. Please can someone else talk to me about these things I have nobody that understands what’s happening with me. ok that’s enough ttyl

      I have LOTS more dreams that are about other stuff too moon light use with phase locking and special glass plates for healing technological cubes that fly me and my team inspected one weapons so pwerful that they should scare you theres just so much really

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      • Paul Whitehouse

        November 27, 2021 at 11:40 pm

        These are some very interesting experiences, thank you for sharing the information also.

        I understand what it is like to have such information and knowing what to do with it can be not so easy to deal with.

        I have studied people in different ways, to understand how they behave with certain information given to them. Sometimes it could change their perception of reality, and often can create resistance because they may not be ready to absorbe info due to important pieces of information missing from the way their minds function.

        It is best to give information like what you have shared, to people that understand it more so than others.. So it is good you decided to put it into this forum where others who also can be experiencers can look into it.

        This way, you are a lot less likely to be shut down with your expression of information.

        Perhaps you can give intel at specific times, that add to the awareness about occurences that may be happening at times.

        And if you get the sense to not express things, you should take care about it.

        There are people around who do experience-different dimensional types of things, but they might not express anything at all due to resistance or hassle from attacks, basically shut down tactics.

        For myself I keep vigilant and I guard the areas I have, keep a watch out in case trouble starts.

        I do good practices in nature and remove things from natural surroundings and the rivers, plastic and other rubbish, to heal areas of toxic things that insult the creatures that are dwelling in their natural habitat.

        This shows respect to areas in need of work and to protect water sources.

        These are nice things compared to defending against evil intent which can involve defensive actions. So I find It is important to have nice places to come back to, after having to deal with difficult things.

        • Paul Papadopoulos

          October 4, 2022 at 11:36 am

          I had to help those compartmentalized people who fell out of wheelchairs even though it was a nasty set up.

          Also got a friend of mine, who was made to come across an accidented victim like that.

          Sometimes it is arguing couples made to have problems around others, so watch out and get away from handlers and start healing earth.

          Get away from handlers and nasty set up attacks by a cowardly dark force using its own victims it put in those situations. Nobody wants to be haunted like that, proves most the population is like pawn of the devil against the awakened types.

          Visiting natural areas to escape the population it is then about keeping those areas free from rubbish and sometimes take nice pictures and explore rather than go places that things can be set up to happen you can easily avoid.

          Show any nice pictures online people get jealous and imagine your some wealthy person living it up whilst everyone else lives in places not so suitable for ascension or some such nonsense.

          • Paul Papadopoulos

            October 4, 2022 at 12:41 pm

            They are compartmentalized in these instances because they were used in the same way, so don’t pick on me for trying to do something about this stuff.

            I don’t go places in case things like that happen plus things can be predicted which proves things are set up like danger upcoming, it is simple as that.

            Arguments are usually set up as well as physical altercations or accidents, so you all go wake up and never pick on me about these things, you space program mobb have no experience down here so respect or else be held accountable for all your own behaviour or lack of proper action like just shooting monuments and letting all the chemtrails operate and hold technology and all sorts probably because some alien says something, some aliens they probably never seen or have a clue what they have been doing on earth. What good are space based weapons really?

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