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  • Posted by Yhosua David on January 7, 2023 at 6:50 pm

    Awakening, what is it?

    The first thing you need to know is that awakening in one respect is
    dying or going to sleep and there is not one moment that you will spend
    in the dissolution of the false self (the part of you that isn’t really
    you but is programming put in you) that wont scare you. Ultimately, what
    you think of as yourself is to be completely destroyed (law of
    conservation of mass ensures that what is really to happen is the
    deconstruction and rebuilding of yourself. Think of the fall of the
    tower of babel and in its place is built the temple to god). Fear not
    the prospect of this. You will experience a kind of death. It is not the
    physical death but the death of the idea of yourself.

    This idea is so very real to you that you will believe, if unprepared, that you are dying. A true warrior of the light knows this deeply and eagerly strives daily to achieve this goal. When the day comes for you to awaken, or as some of you have caught onto, the opening of the crown, you will feel the presence of a powerful energetic pressure from within you, drawing you through a collapsing point of consciousness. Do not fight this (in most cases you will not be in fear but be experiencing the full body orgasmic state and this warning is not for you). Doing so would likely result in extremely adverse effects depending on your level of gnosis. Any fears you have of your death will not only surface but they can become extreme and terrifyingly vivid. Knowing is the most crucial factor in this soul revival.

    What I speak of is the apex of all shadow work. The culmination of all gnosis. The hidden secrets of demons. In your journey you will witness and hear a great many things that will disturb you. Each more unsettling than the last. Your dreams, if they have not already, may become nightmares at times of initiation.this is not to deter you. You must understand that what occurs in the non-physical can not harm you. When these events transpire you must simply refrain from reacting.

    For example, if you are an angry and/or violent person you will be visited by a demon that inspired freddy kreuger. Some of you already have. It often involves blades like knives, swords, machetes and such. You will feel threatened. If you retaliate to this seeming threat, you will be tormented nightly. When you finally understand, they will show you that you can not be harmed. Whatever it may be, whether its the threat of being eaten, beaten, or even just humiliated, let it happen! This is the nature of self sacrifice that leads to your complete and total purification. They come only to take from you what is illusion.

    At the end of this great journey in the valley of the shadow of death, at any time that you are deemed ready most likely long after the crowning, you will be approached by what appears to be death itself and called upon to embark on an approximately three day long journey down the shushumna which is the pillar of the spine, via a vivid and highly immersive meditation. The deeper you go the more terrifying it becomes as it will seem as though you are travelling down into the pit of hell. Down into the pit you will go to rescue your soul because that is the prize of prizes! From there you will travel back up the pillar gradually increasing in light until you emerge through the crown and become at last a true child of god!

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