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  • Awakening to Abuse Tactics

    Posted by Paul Whitehouse  on April 5, 2022 at 6:19 pm

    There are patterns that can be detected by experiencing abuse tactics. It involves the creation of hurt and spreading hurt which can appear as a pattern of abuse in life.

    The spreading hurt tactic involves hurting people or animals or living things.

    I had mentioned previously about people falling out of wheelchairs or basically having an accident around a person. What are the chances this has happened more than once around a person and happened to others who also had to deal with the crime of having a character manifested to be having a nasty accident around people.

    When characters are used for their physical state by selection, it is a pattern of using hurt characters to spread hurt and be hurt in a so called accident near a person, to then create and spread hurt on a person.

    People selected for their physical state or characteristics they have, are used in some very serious games being played with some of us involving being algorithmically placed in reality and timed to perform acts like self harm or violence or have accidents.

    Some force wants to choose who we come into contact with and who not, they tend to send a lot of hurt instead of healing, especially if they are an very nasty evil force that will stop at nothing to create your future and can easily steal good possible life partners and replace them with someone else before you could meet them, as it was predicted then altered so you get an abuser that replaces the person you were predicted to come into contact with.

    In other words if something is choosing who you come into contact with, you tend to not want any girlfriends or members of the opposite sex, because they could send a nasty one that stopped you meeting the nice one. Something that doesn’t fool me very easily is soul contracted beings used for certain tasks on earth.

    More importantly none of these abuse victims or contracted actors would be in those states if there is better healing technology, then none of us would be gang stalked by hurt animals and people that were put there on purpose to spread more hurt. I certainly don’t want to keep feeling illness vibes all the time or dealing with poltergeist style attacks and tortures.

    If they do not improve medical care then the hurt is going to be on them for being foolish. After dealing with so much abuse of good nature there needs to be changes or else way more trouble than these petty technology grabbing suicide cases in the space program anticipated because we are all so retared and couldn’t put nasty contracts on them to deal with. Neither can we explain things easily to screw your operation in space, this is earth and some of us living here are going to evolve into what is needed to make improvements.

    Paul Whitehouse replied 2 years, 3 months ago 1 Member · 1 Reply
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  • Paul Whitehouse

    April 5, 2022 at 11:40 pm

    Contracts meaning, being stalked by lots of hurt needs healing or dealing with. How would the groups witholding advanced healing technology feel about having treatment such as that, because it isn’t me who is witholding it.

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