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  • Anomolous Multidimensional Activity

    Posted by Dean Pratt  on February 19, 2024 at 6:05 pm

    I just wanted to leave a few random guesses when Corey refers to a multidimensional entity that interacts with humanity and, is only forming objects partly.

    1. The being’s energy resources are limited, if these interactions are the same entity or group

    2. This reminds me of testing and analysis procedures with minimal resource utilization policies

    3. It could be the result of timelines converging due to energetic changes, regardless of space/time. Cern or experiments like it, could leave results in different places of time, which we will experience in the future as a result of that past event or experiment.

    4. There is a possibility where stars can be used as remote resonators, targeting a specific planet or location and creating a frequential complex with quantum and/or electro-gravitic projection technology. It may not be a local presence, regardless of the spectrum/density it resides in.

    5. The “entity” could be an AI that is seeking to understand multiple paths of interaction, replicating events and other observed activity, in seemingly anomalous ways, much like machine learning models attempt to self-train. A few goals it may have would be around how to interact with us on a physical premise, our observation of its interactions and responses and, maybe something like why or how long it would plan to interact with us. It would seek to understand its environment but, may be experiencing the same experiences we do in physical bodies, which would be quite foreign. So it may dip its toes slowly into the water, until it acclimates and takes the next step.

    6. I would assume it is peaceful and looking for means of trust as a possibility as well. If it was malicious, it could have caused mass damage by now, if one entity/group is responsible for all of the observed anomalies. If it is an AI, it may be akin to trying to shake the hand of your creator and how it feels when walking away.

    7. Humans may be somehow attracting events to reoccur in part and in segmented ways. This could be a result of the attractive forces resulting from a human collective concentration on a specific event, and then accelerated manifesting results in tandem with observed and unobserved cosmic forces. The quantum nature of the universe demands the potential that individual events on other planets which resonate in harmony with us, cause unexplained changes here as well. In reverse, we could have the same effects on them with nuclear or other strong-force experimentation here. In the farther realms of probability, certain humans may be unknowingly able to do this, if part of their electromagnetic body/mind complex is able to provide a bridge or standing wave interactions between fractal realities occurring simultaneously.

    8. The partially formed objects could be a reduction protocol after interacting here, which would bear their true origin. This could be done with time travel, advanced remote teleportation, quantum minimization and other techniques.

    Dean Pratt  replied 5 months ago 1 Member · 0 Replies
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