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  • Activating the third eye

    Posted by William G  on January 18, 2023 at 10:17 pm

    Now, speaking just from personal experience. There are few steps in ego-transcendence that needs to be achieved before seeing light in its infinite shades outside of ourselves.

    As a rule of thumb, every major activation is done by an outside source. In this case, an advanced adept will give out a life force energy (Kundalini) from far away, that will swirl from the earth, go into the first chakra of the human, then go through the spine and into the pineal gland. The energy will put pressure on the pineal gland and the human experiencing it will feel enormous pressure inside their head. This is needed as part of the activation.

    You probably heard David Wilcock explain that in the military they use wave technology to pressure the pineal gland to open it, Tibetan monks using sticks to stimulate their pineal gland and yoga practices that try to force the Kundalini to the head. These methods work by opening the psychic ability of the pineal gland. The psychic sight is just a step above seeing the material world. The psychic sees the imprint of matter into the non psychical, it is just a dimension of delusion and is not equal to seeing the light of truth that shines and that can coexists with the material world. Selfish persuit of activating the third eye only results in delusional seeing that is equal to seeing the horrors of the psychotic sufferers.

    Activating the third eye to selfishly acquire clairvoyant sight is a method that is desired by the dark forces. The adept ensnares itself in the world of delusions through the selfish methods perpetrated by the evil adepts. Thus making life a worse hell and sinking in more lies than before

    Only after enough unselfish ego-transcendence can a person achieve clairvoyant sight of the light/love field of consciousness. There is no need to romanticize this achievement as this will be active in all of humanity when their selfishness is greatly reduced.

    It was deactivated a long time ago when humanity began to become more selfish by the guidance/manipulation of the malevolent beings. This sight will be activated back early if a person needs it to grow more into the love/light field by the infinite creator.

    A rule of thumb is that most major activations that is included by opening the third eye, are activated by an “outside” source that is the permanent servant of Nature.

    No need to strive for activating this by oneself as it will only bring bout sorrow for the seeker. As the seekers selfish nature will cloud the sight with personal delusions of dense matter. Better to cleanse the body from darkness and if it meant that the seeker is to have this ability to further its way to understanding and exploring the love/light light field. Then this will be activated by the will of Nature and its servants when the seeker is ready and clean from enough darkness.

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