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  • A Poem from a Hostage of Reptilian energy-suckers

    Posted by Jennifer Scobie on October 6, 2023 at 4:08 pm

    Interdimensional Reptilians – Jennifer Jayne Scobie – October 2023

    In realms beyond our grasp, where dimensions blend, A reptilian species dwells, their ways to us unbeknown, In unseen voids, their presence does extend, Feeding on our life force, hearts turned into stone.

    With eyes of alien gleam, they stalk the human soul, A dance of darkness, where terror finds its reign, In silent whispers, they consume, they steal, they control, Leaving hollow shells where once life’s fire did flame.

    Through cosmic veils, they traverse, with scales as cold as space, Their hunger drives them, relentless in their quest, They drain our energy, leaving humans in a daze, A haunting tale of beings from the unknown’s behest.

    In depths of unseen dimensions, they find their prey, Siphoning vitality, leaving lifeless forms behind, No mercy in their method, no words they need to say, Leaving us forsaken, our spirits undermined.

    Beware the rifts where realities entwine, For in those otherworldly spaces, they reside, Alien reptilians, their hunger so malign, Sucking life from us, in darkness, we subside.

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