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    Ep8: Orion Group Interference Pt 1


    Earth Liberation Battles Timeline and the Solar Micronova - S2 E2

    40:30Subscribers The Journey Within with Dr. Starr MacKinnon Episode 4 - Mindful healing, being present, quietening the mind

    Ep4: Healing the Mind - Dr. Starr MacKinnon

    32:45Subscribers SSP Updates Explanations with Corey Goode and Mike Waskosky, Episode 7: Help from Local Stellar Civilizations

    Ep7: Help from Local Stellar Civilizations

    01:40:52 Ascension Workers Live Episode 1 - Becoming Light for Your Community

    Ep1: Becoming Light for Your Community


    Preview: Womb Wisdom with Kassandra Cruz

    02:06:06 Ep5: Healing with Spirit, Wind & Fire

    Ep5: Healing with Spirit, Wind & Fire

    01:17:42 Mystery School Discussion about the Golden Age of Humanity, Age of Aquarius, paradigm shift

    Mystery School: The Golden Age


    Chats with Corey - Q&A Jan 15th, 2023


    Ep6: Cosmic Trials Proclamation at ICC Gathering

    18:07 Peaceful ET Contact Meditation January 2023 CE-5 Meditation

    January 2023 CE-5 Meditation


    The Cosmic History of the ZULU ALIEN Civilization S2 E1


    Ep5: Implications of the Solar Micronova


    Ep4: Spiritual Warfare Paradigms + LOC Update

    26:26Subscribers The Journey Within with Dr. Starr MacKinnon Episode 3 - Healing, self-care healing

    Ep3: Healing - Dr. Starr MacKinnon


    Ep3: Orion Group Facilities


    Ep2: Timeline Updates Pt. 2 + Q&A


    Ep1: Timeline Updates Part 1


    Ep1: Healing & Discipline of the Mind - Part 1


    Series Launch Trailer - SSP Updates Explanations on Ascension Works TV

    • J K

      December 30, 2022 at 11:14 am

      My opinion, copied and pasted from my telegram posting with edit. Any external technology from your own body is a means of control and ultimately a distraction from your internal spiritual powers. You don’t need a medbed to save you. People already have the power to heal instantly and stay healthy. ‘They’ have suppressed us for thousands of years. Once their programing is removed we are free to fully realize our innate spiritual powers. All outside technologies are obsolete compared to our internal spiritual technology. Medbeds are a trap and a way for them to continue to control humanity. We step out of our 3d matrix just to find that there is a bigger matrix to navigate. Everyone is on their own spiritual journey. Some will jump into the medbeds and wont even question anything. How crazy is that, even after what humans have gone through. Those questioning the medbed experience are the new conspiracy theorists for the new age and will be mocked, ridiculed by the same people who were trying to inform the sheeple about pizzagate, chemtrails, NWO, extraterrestrials, etc… I’m proud that Corey Goode is talking about the Medbed deception. I thought i was alone on this.