• Indigenous Alien

    December 24, 2022 at 5:08 pm

    Hey, Devon, thanks, thanks a lot. ECETI… is not far from where i live, within two hours driving. I had plans to do a weekend there a year and change ago, but my health went south and that hasn’t happened… YET. I will get there before I pass. Ill bet you and your cat enjoyed your time there… did you put out any peanut butter for Big Foot? Also, anyone who has a pet is okay by me, so long as it is loved and cared for. I believe that the love we give our pets on this planet has been a factor is raising our vibration…. love is the key, love is the answer, love is our calling.

    I got a question for you, have you experienced contact during meditation? I got a lot going on that is hard to believe…

    Peace, love, and light to you and yours