• Paul Papadopoulos

    October 4, 2022 at 11:36 am

    I had to help those compartmentalized people who fell out of wheelchairs even though it was a nasty set up.

    Also got a friend of mine, who was made to come across an accidented victim like that.

    Sometimes it is arguing couples made to have problems around others, so watch out and get away from handlers and start healing earth.

    Get away from handlers and nasty set up attacks by a cowardly dark force using its own victims it put in those situations. Nobody wants to be haunted like that, proves most the population is like pawn of the devil against the awakened types.

    Visiting natural areas to escape the population it is then about keeping those areas free from rubbish and sometimes take nice pictures and explore rather than go places that things can be set up to happen you can easily avoid.

    Show any nice pictures online people get jealous and imagine your some wealthy person living it up whilst everyone else lives in places not so suitable for ascension or some such nonsense.