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    • Jean-Michel O’Donnell

      September 29, 2022 at 9:21 am

      Week 4
      Demo 1: LOC Rescue

      I’ve done the basic polish, and the game is 100% functional! Until someone else tries it, anyway!

      I have the Windows installer downloadable from this link here. It’s now about 540 mb, and 50% of that are the people models and textures.

      When finished downloading, make a new folder and copy everything into that folder. The LOC_Rescue.exe file is both the installer and the main program file.

      The first time the file is run, it will install any and all dependencies it needs, such as DirectX12 if it’s not installed already. It could take a few seconds to several minutes to complete this step.

      Once complete, the game should run and start in a few seconds. It will save your progress as you play, unless you press the Reset Data button. That zeros everything out.

      I have also uploaded my project files. If anyone has a Mac and Unreal Engine 5.0.3 installed, the program can be compiled to work on both Macs and iOS devices. It’s about 1 gig in size.

      Report on effort put in
      The first week was steady work, probably 4-5 days, likely 20ish hours. Week 2 was mainly building and rebuilding the achievement system. Likely another 10 hours. Week 3 was life busy, 5 hours. Week 4, life kicked me in the nards (and it’s not quite finished yet), so about 5 or so hours to finish things off. There’s likely a total of about 40 hours of work in this tech demo / job application (when they’re ready to build full games).

      Everyone is welcome to play and try it out. It’s not perfect, but that’s to be expect with about 40 hours of work total! I had a blast making it and would dearly love the opportunity to do so on a more full-time basis.

      I hope Blue Chicken Cult Entertainment like’s what I’ve done!