• Jean-Michel O’Donnell

    September 29, 2022 at 5:59 am

    It is more powerful than most would expect.

    The Mandalorian TV show… Unreal Engine. They have a 70′ room with borderless monitors surrounding the space and ceiling. They put Unreal Engine graphics on the monitors, the actors see what’s there as they act, and are lit by the screen itself. The camera is hooked into the engine and will move the graphics on the monitors as the camera moves in perfect syncronicity. A low distance front throw projector makes a quick hack to duplicate this.

    Then there’s gaming… Black Myth: Wukong. It’s the story of the monkey king told by a Chinese studio. Dear lord, it’s gorgeous!!! Check out trailer 1 (12m 45s, 1 year old) and trailer 2 (26m 02s, 2 months old).

    It’s also amazing at Archvis, or Architectural Visualization. If you know your stuff, it’s quite possible to make utterly realistic scenes, such as this course here.

    And with blueprint scripting (as seen in the week 3 screenshot), programming has never been easier. If care is taken, it can make some of the clearest, most well documented code I’ve ever seen. It can also make the worst spaghetti code imaginable too… I like taking care.

    I’m on the polish stage of LOC Rescue. I hope to have it done tonight or tomorrow.

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