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    • Jean-Michel O’Donnell

      September 15, 2022 at 8:47 am

      Week 2
      Demo 1: Loc Rescue
      I’ve only been able to spend a few days this week working on it, but did get a lot done. The blocker system has been upgraded to moon rocks, desks, file cabinets, and chairs. Two invaders, a trooper model and a grey-ish model (mixamo swat-guy and zlorp) are also littering the ground unconscious. Don’t hit any of them. The system is very modular and adding in obstacles is a few minutes once the models are done.

      I added male and female rescuees. When you run close enough, they’re portalled out.

      I put in a basic User Interface (UI). It displays how many coins you’ve collected (metal tonnage), people you’ve saved, and how far you’ve run. These are also saved between runs for your grand totals.

      I added an achievement system. 5 achievements for each of distance ran, metal collected, and people saved.
      Run 1000m (aka 1 kilometer), achievement “Not a couch potato”.
      Save 100 people, achievement “First Responder”.

      I added mechanics for special rooms (1 in 200 chance currently) and made the first one. About a year ago, I modeled the Avro Arrow. I may have accidentally included a room with 2 to run through. The original model was based off a 1958-1959 data drawing.

      I also added a rotating Earth and Sol for background objects. Just because I could.

      To do:
      Portal animation and effect for saving people. Currently, it’s just sound. But it’s one of my favorite Sci-Fi sounds.

      I’ve started the main menu page, but it lacks full functionality.

      |- Create the achievement page. Gotta see what’s been achieved, and what can be achieved.

      |- Basic instruction page.

      |- Ability to reset saved data

      Create the Windows installer

      Create the Android installer

      Upload the project, just in case anyone with a Mac wants to make a Mac or iOS version.

      I hope there’s a few days of work left. It depends on how much time I get to put into this with Life happening daily.

      And don’t mind the screen shot. When one has access to the source code, the impossible becomes easy. I guess that’s why God is so good at miracles.