• Suz

    July 19, 2022 at 1:23 pm

    I can’t seem to reply to everyone here, but I feel similar, also.

    I only remember people’s faces (and some memory of the concern that I had for them), like recognizing Tony Rodrigues’ eyes, or other people I’ve never “met”. I will see people in out-of-place areas (like eating in a restaurant somewhere traveling) and wondered, “how do I know them?”. I used to think I knew them in a “past life”, maybe went to school with them, or ran across them in my former profession. There are times that I think, my life has been so long.

    I remember feeling offended (not in my character) when Corey referred to hanging out with the “eggheads” in CD. Now, I wonder did he say those specific words on purpose? I’m not sure how to organize these extra fragmented thoughts. Instead, I am working on keeping my energetic body and spirituality in order, and using the good days to send out loving energy.

    I hope this helps someone here!