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  • Forgiveness, Karma & Cutting Energetic Cords - Surviving Ascension

    Corey Goode Update: The State of Disclosure, Global Liberation & Spiritual Warfare

    Protecting your home from negative entities & attacks! Surviving Ascension - Corey & Stacy Goode

    Positive Affirmations with Stacy Goode (AA Wk4)

    Ancient Aliens, Cataclysmic Cosmic Cycles and Ascension - Corey Goode DOD 2019

    Reconnaissance Mission Over the Tall Grey Bases & the Solar System Lockdown

    Corey talks with Kaya Leigh on Breathwork

    The Dark Fleet & Draco Reptilians - Full History

    Bridget Nielsen & Corey Goode - High Vibration Diets & Raising Consciousness

    The Awakening of the Old gods in Antarctica - Atlantis

    Incident at the Lunar Operations Command Secret ICC Meeting Interrupted

    Law of One & Transcendent Identity @ Ascension Summit

    David Wilcock @ The Ascension Summit

    New Updates while on a Mountain Drive w/Corey & Stacy Goode

    Dr. Alex Bloom: The Master Keys of Change, Unlocking Your Potential

    Surviving the Transition - Solar Flash, our Future and Ascension - April 2018

    GGLN Declaration of Independence from ICC, Rogue ET Federation & Orion Group

    Ep1: What are High Vibe Foods?

    Mt Shasta Presentation - Pt 2 - Mt Shasta Secret Space Program Conference - Corey Goode

    SSP Update: THE ANDROMEDA SYNDICATE - Beware Galactic Federations of Seductive Human ETs

    Reconnaissance Mission over the Orion Group bases on the Moon, Mars, and Antarctica – Part I

    Updates Begin - Alien Armadas, ICC Leadership disappearances & Exposing Ufology Corruption

    Corey talks with Jeffrey Ashur about QHHT

    Mt Shasta Presentation - Pt 1 - Mt Shasta Secret Space Program Conference - Corey Goode

    Liberation of Micca's Planet & Hope for Earth

    SSP Updates, New Guardians & Inner Work - Surviving Ascension Q&A with Corey & Mike

    RECON - Reptilian Agenda Revealed - Shadow Beings, Demons & AI Worship

    The Blue Avians & The Law of One Course Excerpts

    Ep1: Intro to The Journey Within with Dr. Starr MacKinnon

    Humans from the Future, Timeline Wars, Aliens, Consciousness & Ascension (Oct 2017)

    Major Cosmic, SSP & Alliance End Game Updates Coming! Intergalactic Trials Have Begun

    • Steve Myers

      July 16, 2022 at 11:34 pm

      Tony Maestro, I just now downloaded the pdf file on my Apple MacBook Pro and had no issues viewing the file. You need to “download”, then find where your device stores the downloaded file and open it from there. I’m not sure why Adobe shows it as corrupted.