• Kelly Smith

    July 16, 2022 at 6:31 am

    There is a balance needed here. You should Know Thyself meaning Love Thyself, have clear boundaries. The turn the other cheek stuff isn’t really for any benefit other than to allow ppl to take advantage of you. With that being said, service to Others is also important & necessary. So you need to find the balance in the 2. Some ppl need to be removed from your energy space in order for You to grow, others need You in Their space to assist them in growth. Its a yin & yang. Use discernment in all things. Weigh your pros & cons if need be. But not by selfish ego based measures, but by true love of self preservation means. Do not exhaust your resources on others unless you are truly willing to do so. When you are, the exhaustion part is actually null or obsolete. We get much from helping others, feeling important, & like something we did brought good, hope, love to others. Its reward within itself. If you are merely doing for others under the “being taught this is what I HAVE to do” then there is ‘obligation’ attached i.e., sucks your resources, v/s giving out of true kindness of heart i.e. actually replenishes energetic resources. Not to mention that when you bring joy to self & others, the data transfer is then bringing more good towards you in your near future. It will cont to reward with ‘bonus’ material as long as you are joyful in your heart of the actions, choices, you make.