• sonia *

    July 14, 2022 at 2:50 am

    I do know that there are support groups out there for contactees/abductees and experiencers in general. Kathleen Marden has such a group called Awakening Souls and you can apply to join through her website KathleenMarden.com. There are more though and I encourage you to research the group if possible or at least join with a very discerning eye. What Corey says about the rift in the Ufology movement is very true and that there are those that focus more on the science or hard evidence than the science of spirituality (which I think this group is more about).

    Another person that might be of help is Tony Rodrigues. He is behind a paywall but offers a very good course for $40 where he talks through retrieving memories etc. https://connectionswithjaci.teachable.com/p/recall-course-signup

    I found it helpful and he also recommends the Gateway Experience course in meditation by Semi-Sync…that alone has helped me with both memory and my dreams. Best of absolute and abundant good luck to you, my friend. sonia😊