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    • Trafton Crandall

      March 25, 2022 at 3:25 am

      Hello, Grace!

      Thank you for this information. It made me do some investigating into CMEs and Solar Activity. According to this article at forbes.com https://bit.ly/3qyKVbK the latest data suggests that we will be in Solar Maximum in November 2024.

      Things are about to get wild and wooly here on Earth. To paraphrase Bette Davis in ‘All About Eve’ Fasten Your Seatbelts. It’s going to be a Bumpy Ride!

      Oh, about David W.

      Yes, he has gotten a tad bit full of himself. When I saw him make comments about him being known to future generations as the “Father of Anti-Gravity” while he was standing in a huge empty zeppelin hanger, the factory for his new hovercar venture, was a complete cringe moment for me, but I take it with a grain of salt. David gets a pass. I think he’s earned it. Lol!

      You know, I’m quite excited to discover this growing online Community and am super grateful to Corey Goode and his Team for building it.

      Raising Consciousness and Increasing our Vibration is HUGE at this pivotal moment.

      We know Graduation is here. We know that the Big Bath aka the Solar Flash is coming. It’s imminent. And that’s a good thing, because it’s necessary to exterminate all the bloodsucking ticks of the Satanic AI GOD from this solar system. Now, how severe the Flash will be is, and I’m just guessing here, I believe might be up to us folks here on Earth. Who knows?

      Thanks Again, Grace!