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    • Grace Schumacher

      March 24, 2022 at 3:44 pm

      Hi Shaun..Yes I watched the whole thing. I think DW is wrong about this. Our Sun goes through a cycle. It has from its’ beginning. There are 3,000year events, 6,000year events and so on, leading up to 24,000year event. The Earth and our Moon shows the impact of these events. It is part of the cycle of our Solar system..that’s why we have the remnants of multiple ancient advanced civilizations all over the planet. There are many great videos about it. “The Electric Universe” is one, I also watch a daily video on YouTube “suspicious observers” that monitors the Sun and our magnetic field. It will happen and there will be survivors. We should have gotten hit in the summer 2012 (3 CMEs were heading directly at Earth) but “something” (I believe it was Sphere Beings) bumped them and they went between us and the Moon. David Adair discusses it on Cosmic Disclosure. If they had hit us our civilization would have collapsed by December 2012! The Guardians were giving us time to increase our vibration. That’s why I think Corey (among others) keep telling us to work on our vibration and prepare. Namaste