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    Ep8: Orion Group Interference Pt 1


    Earth Liberation Battles Timeline and the Solar Micronova - S2 E2

    40:30Subscribers The Journey Within with Dr. Starr MacKinnon Episode 4 - Mindful healing, being present, quietening the mind

    Ep4: Healing the Mind - Dr. Starr MacKinnon

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    Ep7: Help from Local Stellar Civilizations

    01:40:52 Ascension Workers Live Episode 1 - Becoming Light for Your Community

    Ep1: Becoming Light for Your Community


    Preview: Womb Wisdom with Kassandra Cruz

    02:06:06 Ep5: Healing with Spirit, Wind & Fire

    Ep5: Healing with Spirit, Wind & Fire

    01:17:42 Mystery School Discussion about the Golden Age of Humanity, Age of Aquarius, paradigm shift

    Mystery School: The Golden Age


    Chats with Corey - Q&A Jan 15th, 2023


    Ep6: Cosmic Trials Proclamation at ICC Gathering

    18:07 Peaceful ET Contact Meditation January 2023 CE-5 Meditation

    January 2023 CE-5 Meditation


    The Cosmic History of the ZULU ALIEN Civilization S2 E1


    Ep5: Implications of the Solar Micronova


    Ep4: Spiritual Warfare Paradigms + LOC Update

    26:26Subscribers The Journey Within with Dr. Starr MacKinnon Episode 3 - Healing, self-care healing

    Ep3: Healing - Dr. Starr MacKinnon


    Ep3: Orion Group Facilities


    Ep2: Timeline Updates Pt. 2 + Q&A


    Ep1: Timeline Updates Part 1


    Ep1: Healing & Discipline of the Mind - Part 1


    Series Launch Trailer - SSP Updates Explanations on Ascension Works TV

    • Jackal Snake

      March 24, 2022 at 5:58 am

      I agree with you as you wish a Solar flash to wipe all anomaly including the AI agenda. Even without Solar Flash or AI Agenda, the negative rulers Empires will rise and fall endlessly irregardless of Armageddon. I am 100% agree with RA assessment on civilisations end with negative polarities majority irregardless of any cycle and I believe it is not the last. COBRA hope a flash to wipe all anomalies is also a wild wish which I do not think it will create a perfect universe with a flash and perfection is subjective. All anomalies or negative polarities are created whenever an action is make, an equal and opposite forces will be created receive by living beings or non sentient beings. https://www.lawofone.info/s/6#24

      Even if this timeline is gone, you can always reincarnate to other civilisations in other timeline in a multiverse. Following majority will as majority are negative self serving, AI agenda will play for next few hundred years as Micca suggest and Billions of people need this few hundred years to learn and those who do not need such negative timeline will end their life sooner or natural aging and reincarnate elsewhere.