• Angela Dors

    March 21, 2022 at 12:43 pm

    Hello Friend. I know you don’t know me, but don’t worry, what we see is not always what’s inside. I am glad that you are speaking HERE. Of course, I agree with your state of consciousness. Contemporary people want the so-called 5D, but they cannot harmonize themselves internally [I say this to those who are constantly looking for the way to the Truth and cannot find – like a widow in Saul’s letters]. Ascension, parousia, rapture, ascension etc. are empty words if the Being does not know what he wants. The Sun is like the Creator [Whom people want to subjugate to themselves], it is UN DESCRIBED, UNKNOWN, it cannot be controlled because it is one of the emitters connected to the Source plans. In my opinion, the Sun will be revealed when all the darkness on this planet will reveal itself and crawl out into the light of day. When the oppression becomes unbearable then the power of the sun will [again] be revealed. If we assume that the Creator is not indifferent to the fate of this species of ISTOT, he will provide them with support at the appropriate time. Yeshua said that day would come like a thief at night – unexpectedly. IT WORTH BEING CONTINUOUSLY READY AS IT HAPPENS NOW 🙂

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