• Steve

    March 21, 2022 at 12:20 am

    Corey gave some clarification on the 23 and 24 time frame in CD Season 10 Episode 6 in March of 2018. David: Okay. Then we do need to make some kind of public statement, because some of the things that you said to me before had put emphasis on the year 2023. And I had been led to believe that that was when you had been told the Solar Flash would happen, somewhere around 2023 or 24. So could you clarify the difference between this window of 27 to 28 and the window of 23 to 24?

    Corey: I think there is some confusion because the ’23, ’24 has to do with a timeframe that all of the Disclosure information would most likely occur.

    David: This is more of a Full Disclosure?

    Corey: It’s more of a Full Disclosure and more of an Event. It’s focused around there being a Solar Flash. It is not a Solar Flash. There are flashes and events that lead up to the crescendo event. So uh . . .

    David: Are you saying those flashes might even take place over the course of years?

    Corey: Yes.

    David: Really?

    Corey: They’ve already started.