• Andrew Sellars

    March 20, 2022 at 11:57 am

    Hello Gareth. Sorry to hear you’re going through some tough stuff. Its been a pretty tough few years for us all, some have been able to deal with it and others have not. I think you need a little more than wafting some sage around the house (although it does help).

    I live in England and the mental health services are pretty crap. Not sure how it is in Wales. As a teacher there should be some kind of mental health support for teachers through the Dept of Education or your local authority that you can access. Does your school have a councillor? They might be able to help. Is there a local support group for teachers?

    I’m not going to suggest the “stay positive” or “think positive or uplifting thoughts” stuff because its actually quite patronising to hear when you feel emotionally at rock bottom. I’ve been suffering from depression for years: sometimes I’m up, sometimes down and other times just numb.

    I’ve been “awake” for years and realised early on that a lot of the stuff about ascension, ETs, is confusing and misleading. Nobody knows what’s going to happen no matter how much they claim otherwise. It sounds like things like meditation may be good in the long run – its good for everyone, its should be taught in schools – but right now you need to sit down with someone and talk it out. Getting it off your chest can be a huge relief. Clears your head.

    I wish you luck and hope you find the help and support you need right now.