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    • Erik van Velzen

      February 20, 2022 at 7:04 pm

      Super happy that this topic came up

      I am inside this space since 2010 and I can say I’m a whistleblower of the truth within this space this space has been corrupted a long time ago nearly the beginning but the true creator is pro-government prologue and pro-regulation he’s absolutely nothing anarchist he never was

      This man is the most censored person in the crypto space

      Most hated

      This guy is the most interesting man that I’ve ever met in person is incredibly intelligent and if you meet him in person he’s really kind


      One more thing for the freedom fighters realize this the entire cryptocurrency is anarchist in nature focuses on breaking government hiding private keys being above the law ring a bell they have corrupted BTC Bitcoin cash BCH and now the last one standing is cold Bitcoin Satoshi vision bsv

      To research The Creator to understand what bitcoin is all about and what it supposed to do David wilcock said that Bitcoin was created by the Alliance Made bitcoin. I’m believe that is true.

      Research Craig Wright and make your own opinion