• Paul

    November 27, 2021 at 11:40 pm

    These are some very interesting experiences, thank you for sharing the information also.

    I understand what it is like to have such information and knowing what to do with it can be not so easy to deal with.

    I have studied people in different ways, to understand how they behave with certain information given to them. Sometimes it could change their perception of reality, and often can create resistance because they may not be ready to absorbe info due to important pieces of information missing from the way their minds function.

    It is best to give information like what you have shared, to people that understand it more so than others.. So it is good you decided to put it into this forum where others who also can be experiencers can look into it.

    This way, you are a lot less likely to be shut down with your expression of information.

    Perhaps you can give intel at specific times, that add to the awareness about occurences that may be happening at times.

    And if you get the sense to not express things, you should take care about it.

    There are people around who do experience-different dimensional types of things, but they might not express anything at all due to resistance or hassle from attacks, basically shut down tactics.

    For myself I keep vigilant and I guard the areas I have, keep a watch out in case trouble starts.

    I do good practices in nature and remove things from natural surroundings and the rivers, plastic and other rubbish, to heal areas of toxic things that insult the creatures that are dwelling in their natural habitat.

    This shows respect to areas in need of work and to protect water sources.

    These are nice things compared to defending against evil intent which can involve defensive actions. So I find It is important to have nice places to come back to, after having to deal with difficult things.