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    • Mica Johnson

      November 10, 2021 at 12:00 pm

      Fully understand your logic and partly agree with you. Just to answer your question how to get off knee, the answer might be sprouting in the US right now. Some county in Texas, I don’t have the name, has spearheaded a constitutional movement. Their council voted to uphold the constitution, which is no mandatory vaccines, no masks, no lockdowns, yes guns, yes freedom, yes private properties…and people are rushing to there and their house price is rising and business booming…

      The key word is decentralized and flat power structure, which already partly exists in the US. The Federal government isn’t that powerful as all. Each state, each county can have their own say in how they want to live their life. People just have to wake up enough to elect the right council for their own county.

      No, Mica’s story does not fit earth. I feel it’s much worse here. But to start with, humanity has to try taking back their power at least. Take back the power. This is what awakening is all about. The better we are awakened and prepared, the smoother the transition in the solar flash.