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    • Alicia Figart

      October 31, 2021 at 2:44 am

      I was going to try one of the Tachyon chambers listed here: https://tachyonis.org/Chamber.html

      The website states that Tachyon chamber is not Medbed. Technology for the Tachyon chamber was given by Pleiadians. All of the sources on internet describe Pleiadians as benevolent to human. I know they are Nordic ET. Corey mentioned Nordic ET as hostile against human while disguise as angelic ET. I am not sure if that is the Pleiadians Corey implied? Can anyone or better yet, Corey, confirmed? I believe everyone who has heard about Pleiadians all thinks they are benevolent ET. If that is not true it has to be pointed out. And now I don’t know if the Tachyon chamber is a good idea after reading Corey’s reports. Thanks.