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    • Gordon Smith

      October 19, 2021 at 2:05 am

      Hey Robert, I think I would file ” Nukes Don’t work anyway Conspiracy with the Flat Earth one…lol ” We can only hope and wish that Atomic Weapons were a Conspiracy Theory. It would be awesome and OK with me if our Cosmic cousins received permission to interfere with our use of weapons of mass destruction. I think it was on Ancient Aliens about the many sightings of UFOs causing system failures at various Nuclear Missile sites around the World. There is another theory that the Atomic bombs dropped on Japan ripped into other dimensions and caused terrible damage to other innocent beings as well. I agree that a lot of TNT exploding at one time causes similar property damage due to the shock wave. But the TNT explosion lacks the harmful radiation and the mushroom shaped cloud. I am sure David Wilcock would tell us if he found out Nukes were fake. Actually I think that David and Corey are awesome. Dropping or firing Supersonic Nukes ( or even TNT ) on our fellow human beings is not awesome for sure. G – out