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    • Marc

      October 16, 2021 at 3:49 pm


      Excerpts from an interview of Corey Goode in June 2017:

      On June 15 Goode said that he had an encounter with “Ka Aree”, a representative of an inner Earth advanced civilization called the Anshar.

      She told him that a human looking group of extraterrestrials is working with the Vatican and other religious leaders to bring about disclosure.

      In a personal Skype message on June 21, Goode gave Salla some background:
      Ka Aree stated recently that 4 [extraterrestrial] groups had decided they would no longer abide by the M [Muhammad] Accords.

      They would begin a slow process of contacting people via dreams and then lead up to more open contact. A “Nordic” looking group is said to be leading this effort.
      Goode had earlier described the “Muhammad Accords” as an extraterrestrial treaty negotiated around the seventh century AD, whereby all alien groups agreed to stop openly revealing themselves to humanity and to only work in the background to secretly influence global elites.

      It should be noted that the “Muhammed Accords” do not directly relate to the Prophet Muhammed (570-632), but were reached during the period when Islam was first established by him.

      Goode is essentially saying that four groups of extraterrestrials are now committed to open contact with humanity, and have started the process to make this a reality. World religious leaders have been contacted to act as intermediaries to introduce humanity to the extraterrestrials, and in particular the Nordic race.

      Salla asked Goode about the motivation of the Nordic race leading this initiative and he told him that according to Ka Aree, the extraterrestrials are “Brothers and Sisters of the Confederation”.

      The “Confederation of Planets” is an alliance of mainly human-looking extraterrestrials that inner-Earth civilizations closely work with according to the Law of One book series.

      Goode says that he was given by Ka Aree two versions of how open contact would happen:

      V1 Three religious leaders come out and introduce an angelic ET race who bring us a book and a new “esoteric/New Age” type religion based on “Oneness”.

      V2 was almost the same except it was only the Pope standing next to a Nordic announcing the same thing.

      It is very significant that the Vatican has indeed been playing a very prominent role in encouraging its billion plus adherents to view extraterrestrials as potential “brothers in Christ”.

      A number of Vatican astronomers have discussed extraterrestrials in this regard, and the Vatican was linked to a UNICEF video encouraging tolerance of extraterrestrial children.

      Goode says that the extraterrestrial disclosure announcement “sounds very imminent”, but cautions that this is not the first time such an announcement has been planned by the Vatican, and might still require a few years.

      He said that an earlier attempt was made in 2008, which coincides with the Vatican’s chief astronomer Gabriel Funes making statements about extraterrestrials in an interview titled: “The Alien is my Brother.”

      Goode said that similar information about Nordic extraterrestrials being involved in a contact initiative with major religious groups had been earlier given to him by two airmen working with a US Air Force run Secret Space Program, which works with prominent members of the intelligence community including the Defense Intelligence Agency.

      According to Goode, the Nordic extraterrestrials outreach with religious leaders is likely to lead to the birth of a new global religion: “It is FULLY expected that over 90% of people of Earth will adopt this new ET Religion without question.”