• Corey Goode

    October 16, 2021 at 1:31 pm

    When will the Super Federation Trials against the Orion Group and their allied Rogue Federations begin? Why now?

    When the New Guardians delivered the message to the Super Federation the handful of Rogue Federations that were present acted as though they were shocked.
    These representatives are truly convinced that what they have been doing is right and just. These Rogue Federations then began to kick some of their plans into overdrive to try to get our planet to agree to their trojan AI god technologies that promised a Star Trek Future for the Earth.

    What most on Earth don’t realize is that we already have Star Trek technologies and infrastructures within our own solar system that are human-built. All of the assets that Earth’s Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate have built are rightfully ours.
    These assets will one day be liberated and handed over to the inhabitants of Earth to bring our quality of life up to the standards of a Star Trek Civilization.

    Our Sol System is the last of two to be liberated. Those already freed in our local stellar neighborhood, our cosmic cousins, have formed their own confederation of planets that will participate in these Galactic Super Federation trials.
    Once the humans on this planet have risen up and made their decision to stop participating in a society that has enslaved them, rather than waiting for ET saviors, like those on Micca’s planet did will our Solar System be free.

    If humanity doesn’t make this decision prior to the solar flash these cosmic trials will occur afterward.
    Our Cosmic Cousins now a local Confederation of Planets is excited for us to join them.

    The Zulu, the most spiritually advanced of our cosmic cousins, has taken a leadership and guidance role within this Confederation of Planets with the Mayans working very closely with them.
    The Zulu have made very passionate and strong arguments before the Galactic Super Federation and the New Guardians already and will play a pivotal role in assisting Humanity heal and acclimate to a new cosmic awareness.

    Only when we have joined this confederation of planets will all of its members see justice against the Orion Group, the hand full of Rogue Federations in our sector of the Galaxy who caused so much trouble and their AI god.

    Micca and an Elder from the ‘Zulu Planet’ informed me that once we liberate ourselves and join our cosmic cousins there will be a celebration across 52 or more star systems in our local stellar neighborhood.

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