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    • Corey Goode

      October 15, 2021 at 4:39 pm

      Rogue ET Federation False Promises, The New Guardians and Enforcement of Cosmic Law

      I will soon release my next report on the visit we had to the Super Federation HQ’s outside the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn. The New Guardians appeared and gave the Super Federation notice that they would have to hold trials against a handful of their own members who had skirted Cosmic Law and interfered with several civilizations in our local stellar neighborhood.

      The Super Federation is a body that governs various Federations in this Galaxy that may have similar or opposing agendas. It is a way of enforcing Cosmic Law throughout this Galaxy, Prevent Interplanetary Wars and hold the various Federations and Collectives accountable for their actions.

      A handful of the Federations that work within this Super Federation have a Trans-Humanist Agenda. They are fully biological but have integrated nanites, brain implants, and AI into their physical bodies and societies. This handful of Federations have convinced themselves that they have found a healthy balance in the use of these technologies and have them fully under control.

      Outside observers, however, can easily point out the heavy influence AI has on their societies and military organizations. These Federations are AI Prophets that use Trojan Horse and deceptive methods to entice civilizations to adopt similar Trans-Humanist agendas on their own planets.

      We have representatives from these rogue Federations interacting with religious organizations, governments, alliances, and even people with abduction experiences on this planet and offering Star Trek types of technologies and a new unified religion as a part of their own AI Agenda.

      I will deliver more details soon, in the meantime use your discernment and skepticism in high gear as many other narratives are coming out about claiming that our solar system is being liberated by various Federations.

      I have 2 more reports that I am working on and plan on recording a series of videos that we will release on Ascension Works TV to prevent any censorship issues. If you haven’t signed up for your free membership on our network please do so right away.

      Corey Goode