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    • Corey Goode

      October 12, 2021 at 10:48 am

      I have seen the stories of Grey ET’s being captured and expect other ‘just in time’ stories from this group to try to further hijack the SSP narrative. None of what is coming out of these people is true, it’s just an effort to control the full disclosure narrative.

      The more these people try to preempt my reports their agenda and other info I have coming out the more they reveal what they are doing. This is an obvious deception and one I openly predicted about this community a few years ago.

      I have people ask me, Corey… WHO ARE YOU to say people telling their SSP stories are LARP’s. I am shocked since I am the expert and eye witness that brought the info about Dark Fleet, the LOC, the ICC the Global Galactic League of Nations, and so on.

      I was the one that warned everyone that the LARP brigade was coming and they would discredit and confuse my information. I being the expert that brought the community and the world all of this new information, I am in the best position to tell when others come in talking about my information and are completely making things up. Who else is better than the person that brought you the original info and warned you of the LARPs in the first place?

      If people want to talk about federations and the liberation of our solar system that is fine, but when they bring in obvious lies that correlate with my information and that I can verify as being lies I will speak up.

      I was never in the Navy, but I will use this example. If a Navy vet stood up and gave a presentation on what it’s like to fight a war in a submarine and then a while later he sees a bunch of people standing in front of the same crowd telling their submarine war stores, that contradicted the war vets description and they obviously had no idea how a submarine worked, the Navy vet is going to speak up.

      I warned and warned this community about the LARPs and how they would come in and confuse the SSP Narrative and many in the community invited the LARP’s in (Asking me to be quiet) and proceeded to have them tell all of their stories while ignoring my warning.
      It has been beyond disappointing to observe, especially since I warned everyone to begin with.

      From now on, when people come forward with stories that include my information, I am going to speak up loudly. The details of my life story were not meant as an open-source story for everyone to jump in with their own LARP spin.

      All of this is even going to be a topic in one of my new Documentaries with 1091 Pictures. We are going to cover the real story of my testimony, the phenomenon of the LARPs and others in this community with serious ethical issues that consciously tried to hijack my testimony.
      We are shooting the videos of my new show where I will give all of my recent briefings and try to straighten out the LARP narrative that is not only damaging to the SSP Disclosures that have come out and are planned to come out in the near future.

      I have witnessed in this community that once people add info to ‘their truth’ or become invested in a story they find it very difficult to let go. I hope that those who are serious about Full Disclosure and have gotten caught up in the sci-fi fan fiction stories based on my testimony will somehow come back to the table of disclosure activism and not just immerse themselves in the LARP stories.

      Now is a time to invest all of yourself into your mission and take advantage of the awakening populace and their new interest and plant seeds of full disclosure. Wild stories based on another person’s testimony are just going to confuse them and turn them off and damage the path of the awakening. As it is doing in this community right now.

      I have listened to several individuals present stories of Grey ETs capture and expect them to present more ‘just in time’ lies to keep hijacking the SSP narrative. The more these people try to preempt my reports and new information, the more they reveal their efforts to control the full disclosure narrative. I openly talked about and predicted this community deception a few years ago.

      It has been disheartening to watch some individuals in the community ignore my warnings by asking me to be quiet while inviting the LARPs to keep confusing my SSP narrative. The details of my life story are not an open-source initiative for LARPs to indulge their need for fantasy. From now on, when people come forward with stories that include my information, I will speak up – loudly.
      In one of my new documentaries with 1091 Pictures, we will cover my testimony, the phenomenon of the LARPs, and unethical individuals in this community who consciously tried to hijack my testimony. I will discuss how LARPers add information to ‘their truth’ or become invested in a story to such a degree that it becomes part of their “real” life. We are currently shooting segments for a new show where I will give my recent briefings and explain the current and expected future LARP narratives damaging the SSP disclosure.

      I hope those serious about Full Disclosure can climb out of the LARP sinkhole and return to disclosure activism. Now is the time to return to your mission and to help plant the full disclosure seeds among the awakening populace while educating them about the dangers of lies in their path of awakening.

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