• Corey Goode

    October 12, 2021 at 10:48 am

    There is quite a lot of energy going back-and-forth between people about belief systems and SSP Narratives. This is an excellent opportunity for people to look at their own truth and realize that our truth develops through our distortions.

    People are revealing quite a lot about themselves right now. If people are being triggered and behaving in a reactionary way to my reaction to some of the narratives based on my testimony going around they should ask themselves, why?
    Not only did I warn people that a lot of pretenders were going to come forward But I also predicted how the pretenders were going to destroy the secret space program information that I have delivered over the last six years.

    Shockingly, Instead of heeding my warning, many took this as a green light to begin spinning SSP/ICC/Dark Alliance stories or seeking out those who do. Quite a lot of ‘fan fiction’ has developed around my life story and testimony.
    Since that time I have seen member after member of the community jump on bandwagon’s of people making claims and believing them without using any sort of discernment.

    I often hear that the information resonates or the person sounds genuine, it comes from a nice person and that’s all that they needed.
    Going off of the heart is good, but you have to balance it with critical thinking.
    I think that the discussion that’s going on in the community right now is one that is well overdue and very healthy.

    It may help people not jump on these types of bandwagons in the future and to question things more.
    I for one will keep the intel coming that I have delivered for over 6 years through the same sources. My information has been consistent and I reserve the right to stand up and challenge anyone that I see spinning my information in a damaging way or is just doing it for attention or financial gain.

    I have quite a lot more to share and I am doing what I am guided to do to preserve the integrity of my testimony/information.
    I am bringing all of my new Intel out in a series of videos soon.

    TY, CG