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    • Corey Goode

      October 12, 2021 at 10:47 am

      AI PROPHET TRICKERY: MICCA – A WARNING to worlds that have not demanded freedom.

      The Reptilian and Tall Grey Aliens ‘AI God’ has tricked thousands of planets into slavery. The AI has the ‘CABAL’ of any given planet decide to release technologies. They release an almost magical Internet system that works in your mind and tunes in through millions of Nanite machines in your body.

      They release amazing antigravity technology but the people have to get a chip in their heads to control them. Once the population allows the Nanites and Chips the civilization is LOST! The AI can now read the minds and control the behavior and reality of everyone.

      The forces make it look like a wonderful disclosure is occurring. The positive beings from 3rd Density through the Guardians (6th & Above) are in a HUGE WAR with the AI God Entity and their billions of ET and Human Slaves.

      There is NO TRANSMUTING the AI God or its technology and anyone who says otherwise is playing into or is unwittingly a part of the AI Agenda. Anyone that promotes the integration of AI into our technologies or says the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate is opening up technology to Humanity is taking part in this AI God and Reptilian/Tall Grey Plan.

      None of the positive groups use Nanites or Chips in their heads as they have spiritually advanced past the need. Good Aliens do not use chips or nanites (AI Tech) to contact humans on Earth to give them information of any type. The first thing the positive beings do is remove the energetic and physical chips or nanite machines from people they want to work with.

      They teach them to channel information through their higher selves. Anyone relying on AI technology should be highly suspect during these times. Don’t fall for the AI Agenda! More to come in our new video series early next month.

      TY, CG