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    • Corey Goode

      October 12, 2021 at 10:46 am


      I am working on a number of written reports and will also be publishing a video series (DISCLOSURE) discussing them in detail. We are looking forward to getting this information to you as soon as possible.

      We will be sending out the written reports via email, so please go to CoreyGoode.com to make sure you are on our email list. We will then be releasing the videos that will be full of DISCLOSURE.

      These reports and related video episodes will give people in this community a fuller perspective of what various groups are doing to humanity (Body, Mind, and SPIRIT!) and HOW WE can not only fight back but WIN!
      Some of this information can be unsettling but knowledge is power.

      We have to know what the enemy is doing before we can form a full plan and respond instead of reacting.

      DISCLOSURE – Series Episode Topics:

      1. Tall Grey Alien Agenda – Physical and Energetic Implants, manipulation of Human DNA, light-body energy, and soul journeys. Control of people’s perceptions of reality via implants and manipulation of dreams.

      2. Reptilian Agenda – Cities of Reptilians in hibernation reaching out in astral form to manipulate human emotional states and spiritual development while feeding themselves and their AI god from the loosh they collect. Project themselves into people’s homes and assign Shadow People and Demonic Entities to homes and people to cause chaos.

      3. Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate Lockdown of the Sol System: LOC Alpha, Beta, and Charley, Prison Base for Aliens (Dark Fleet – Intruder Intercept and Interrogation Program Prison Complex) – Mars Colonies and Cities.

      4. Micca discloses how his people freed themselves from Alien influence and then transformed leading up to their own solar event.

      5. Super Federation meetings near Jupiter and Saturn. Meeting with the New Guardians and discussing cosmic trials after the solar event, or sooner if humanity made the shift sooner.

      6. Discuss Spiritual Warfare, protecting your personal vibration, clearing, and protecting your home of negative energies and entities. Don’t be afraid, THIS IS HOW WE WIN!
      (With More Reports and Episodes to Follow!)

      Please, join our mailing list and subscribe to our YouTube Channel! Also, make sure you are in the SBA – Ascension Works TV Telegram group (Search Telegram). I give a lot of updates and post videos there that I don’t post anywhere else.

      Corey Goode