Course Instructor Application

Course Instructors: Apply to Sell Courses on Ascension Works TV

This form is intended for those who have already produced course content, are already being of service to others through their teaching, and who would like to sell their courses through the AscensionWorks.TV platform. For everyone else interested in creating content for Ascension Works TV, please use this form instead.

Our intention is to awaken seekers of truth with high quality teachings on any topics that will most accelerate the ongoing planetary consciousness shift. We view this shift as one requiring people to heal on mental, physical, and spiritual levels, and so a wide variety of content is acceptable for the platform.

When selling courses on Ascension Works TV, you will keep 70% of the net sales, after payment processor fees & and any other agreed upon expenses for marketing, advertising, and content production/quality assurance are considered. The full list of perks for instructors will be emailed to you.

Thanks for your consideration & interest!

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  • Briefly describe the subjects and content you currently teach.
  • Do you have content already produced that you would like to share? Do you feel that more work could be done to improve what you currently have, and would you need assistance with video editing or other course production areas?