Content Contributor Application

This form is intended for those who have expressed interest in possibly contributing content to the AscensionWorks.TV platform.

Our intention is to awaken seekers of truth with high quality teachings on any topics that will most accelerate the ongoing planetary consciousness shift. We view this shift as one requiring people to heal on mental, physical, and spiritual levels, and so a wide variety of content is acceptable for the platform.

Be aware that since we are still so busy getting the full platform ready, it may take us some time to respond. But be aware we are VERY grateful for your offer to help awaken the planet through contributions to our new platform!

We hope to increase the rate at which we add content into our platform in 2024.

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  • Briefly describe the subjects and content you would like to teach.
  • Do you have content already produced that you would like to share? How much content would you feel comfortable producing for the platform to start with, in 2021? What are the main limiting factors to producing more?
  • How quickly would you like to begin creating content or working with us to prepare any existing content for the platform?
  • Record a video of yourself talking about:
    • 1. The top 2 or 3 things that you think are the most important or valuable that open-minded people on the awakening path should be made aware of that they aren't likely to already know (or may have heard but not yet integrated fully)
    • 2. The most significant experience you have had that has helped you appreciate the significance of one or all of those subjects.
    Try to focus on teachings as though you are speaking directly to a student.

    Use this URL field if you have already uploaded the video to an unlisted YouTube URL or equivalent. Or, use the upload form at the following link if you would prefer to send the video file directly to us: