Incident at the LOC: Secret Emergency ICC Meeting Interrupted by a Zulu Elder and the New Guardians

The Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate leadership held a secret emergency meeting in one of their secured conference rooms deep within the Lunar Operations Command (Alpha) to discuss the Intel they had received about the Super Federation being put on notice by the New Guardians.

Shortly after the ICC meeting began, a Zulu Elder appeared in the middle of the room. The special guard for the ICC responded immediately with special firearms approved for security use inside spacecraft and bases. The Zulu Elder, who goes by the name ‘Emmi’, had a huge smile on his face and had his arms folded behind himself in a non-threatening way.

Suddenly, the weapons that security was holding lifted out of their hands and slammed to the ceiling staying locked there as if a giant magnet had turned on. Then the security members were pulled in a similar fashion to the ground where they struggled until the Zulu had finished what he had come to do.

Emmi, said he was a representative of the New Guardians and was here to deliver a message to the ICC. He went on to state that the ICC was going to be held accountable for all of the crimes of the Dark Fleet. The Dark Fleet had been traveling the Galaxy with the Orion Group and some Rogue Federations from the Super Federation that are going to stand trial for their crimes.

Emmi then introduced the New Guardians who appeared in the room much like he had a few moments prior. The new Guardians began to point to various members in attendance and immediately they began acting very strangely.

A third of the attendees began to curse and writhe like they were in pain as they fell to the floor. The other attendees began to put distance between themselves and the ones on the floor as if they knew exactly what was going on.

Then, Emmi says to them “Just so you can’t say the Devil made you do it” and then began to move his arms around slowly and cocking his head strangely as he broke out into a tribal-looking dance. The attendees watched in disbelief at what was going on around them when suddenly Emmi ended his dance by dropping to one knee and clapping his arms and hands together sending a shock wave through the room.

As soon as he had done this the attendees on the floor went into convulsions as whispy shadows of entity attachments lifted out of their bodies. Everyone who was present began to clasp their hands to their heads as the AI god signal was blocked from their nanites and implants.

Then, Emmi began again in his speech where he listed all of the crimes that had occurred under the quiet direction of the ICC.
They were informed that they would stand trial next to the Orion Group and their allies from the Rogue Federation groups.

The Zulu then laid out how the AI god they serve had betrayed and taken over every civilization that had embraced it and how the ICC was complicit in the plan to bring these AI Trojan Horse technologies to Earth. The Zulu and the New Guardians then disappeared leaving the attendees in complete shock and terror.

Emmi then visited Gonzales, the SSP Alliance, the joint city of the 7 Inner Earth groups associated with the Anshar, the other members of the local confederation of planets, and finally me where he shared the experience with us holographically.

The SSP Alliance checked their sources to see if any incidents had occurred at the LOC Alpha during this time frame and were able to confirm that something major happened at a secret ICC meeting but were unable to obtain any further details other than those that were there at the time were visibly freaked out.

The SSP Alliance was also able to find out that after this incident, the ICC demanded a meeting with the leadership of the Orion Group and their allied Rogue Federation groups in one of their secured corporate cities on Mars where they came up with a plan do double down on their transhumanist efforts on earth.

Emmi stated things would get a lot worse for the surface population but that the open tyranny was the catalyst that would anger and awaken the masses on Earth as it did on Micca’s planet and several others that are now members of the local confederation of planets.

Soon, we will see more and more people rising up and stopping participating in the system that they have willingly been enslaved by. Once we do that, everything changes almost overnight.

I was told to keep the date of this incident to myself for now as we observe how the ICC leadership responds but will provide more details soon.

To prevent any of this information from being censored we will publish it for free on Ascension Works TV.

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