Im a starseed Arcturian, see Who am I as Rene Yanadath?  How did I find out who I am as a Galactic being and what my mission on earth is? As a child I found life here on Mother Earth terrible, loveless, wanted to leave, always had much sorrow, never really knew why. I read a lot, everything about UFOs and other civilizations, longed for Sirius (left under Orion), why I didn't know then. Later on, after having read hundreds of books, first everything about Tibet, then everything about life after death, the Gene Silk, UFO's, I once did a Reiki initiation, then I saw for the first time a light Gold being, in my dreams I always traveled with other civilizations, thought I always made that up. I also went into the Kailash mountain in Tibet, where there is a pyramid, and when I called out, "Now I want to see you," I always fell asleep immediately. Later Martijn van Staveren came on my path, everything he said, I thought yes yes, I often saw images and when I answer someone, I automatically have an inspiration, I type without thinking and afterwards, I look and then I know ;) In 2017 I went to his lectures myself and through this met more people with the same interests, even more crazy ;) In the meantime I did UWTH - Universal White Time Healing (the founder had written 2 thick books and also with that I saw images and in one of the guided meditations I was a commander of such a spaceship of 500 km diameter that I had to let perish in a war, my crew I could not inform beforehand, otherwise the enemy knew immediately, in that guided meditation they forgave me my action. I now know exactly how I came to earth afterwards, through a kind of flexible tube, very fast. Because of others who told me they died in a galactic war and didn't want to be on earth, the inspiration came to me as well. It was 2019 I already knew a lot who I was and what my mission on earth is, to make as many people as possible aware of what is really going on on Mother Earth. I then said to myself, I stop always seeking contact, I even did Tibetan meditations for a very long time to get in touch, did not come, but later I found out that I almost do not think and everything visually and act from my heart consciousness. Then something special happened, all my life I help everyone and then someone came and said, I have to tell you something from three Arcturians - I was then given my Galactic name by Yanadath, later I was volunteering at a hospice, when I received another message, the 3 names of these Arcturians and what I felt about it, the first thing that came to mind, call for service, never been in service?!? Later in August 2019 I was asked to come together for a week with 70 others, I? I did it, I really experienced all kinds of things, saw opening with my eyes closed a galactic connection like the picture in my face book group, later we did a sound session, many speak light language, others made music and I did Tibetan bass, I also moved my hands, that's how I could and energy, Suddenly through the roof I saw a circle of beings looking at us, we stopped, did the next exercise in that exercise I saw with 6 participants a kind of yellow haze through their eyes and in that I saw the Galactic race of which each one is an emissary, star seeds, and it was exactly right. With 1 person it was so special, with her I saw a very large green creature, I had to bow spontaneously out of respect and became very emotional, a friend from a very distant galaxy. After that I saw all kinds of things, often when I helped with their questions, I had made a group on telegram Galactic Connecting, many experiences heard, many are connected with Arcturians, seems like many Arcturian friends are coming together again, but there was always someone with whom I was more connected, she received messages for me, with a request for me to please come home, later we understood that she was/is my galactic daughter, for which I then let the ship perish to protect my family. We speak to each other often we understand each other completely, in July this year, I saw dr for the first time, she did a healing with me, all our galactic friends were present (2 very long beings, and my green long galactic friend who was there for protection), after that I was allowed to see many beings myself and since then more and more in my dreams I was recently commander again on a large Arcturian spaceship, what I had to remember were the 3 first letters of three very long names, X I and Y, why I do not know yet. In the meantime, I help many with questions and galactic experiences which also helps me, because then I also see images again, so for everyone it is a process. But many who are younger are already seeing more images and experiencing a lot, it is important to express that because we are connected and in that way our consciousness grows to return to our Galactic families who have been waiting for us for a long time.