Formally trained and worked as a Behavioral Therapist. Seer since I was a child.  Began accessing the Akashic Records around the age of 5, via a technique I call "akashic faces".  Im a Heyoka empath, Reiki Master, Minister, Founder of the Christ Light and Love Healing and Training Center (Burkesville KY, USA), as well a healing technique I refer to as Christ Light and Love Healing.  My favorite healing tool is a Vision/Healing/Intent drum that I use that allows the client to see past lives directly(I plug you into the channel), sometimes people will speak to past relatives (I do not engage in necromancy), sometimes folks are greeted by ascended masters and various Angels.  Folks have been healed from years of chronic pain during these sessions as well as reporting dark entities being removed and your chakra is tuned up during a session.  I also teach a Reiki "BOOT CAMP" where I encourage and help develop your own unique healing style while teaching the foundation of Reiki.   I also work in FREQUENCY medicine with such devices as SCIO, Led Light Therapy, PEMF, etc.  These devices if used properly and with the right training can help the light worker not only maintain a high vibration but also clear stagnate energy that blocks us from ascending.   Folks wanting a Vision Drum session or who just want to get away from the city for some rest and relaxation are encouraged to visit our 40 acre healing center, in the middle of the Burkesville KY Vortex.  Light Workers, seers, healers who need a bit of a tune up are encourage to stay 1-3 days and experience all we have to offer to help maintain and expand your etheric/healing abilities.  Its not uncommon for folks visiting the center to see UFO, BigFoot, or have interactions with nature spirits , ascended masters, angels and more.  On any given night you will find me under the stars doing some skywatch , full moons you might find me holding a full moon drum circle, you can also find me down along the Cumberland River or next to Baptismal Pond playing my Chakra tuned tongue drum.   I have been (although only briefly), to the highest level of consciousness Brahman and have a great passion and drive to encourage others to reach Samadhi, or simply what I refer to as becoming AGAPE..