Ascension Works TV Roadmap

-(COMPLETED October 2021) Android & iOS social networking app

-(COMPLETED December 2022) Launch Video Streaming Subscription Service with many new shows

-(COMPLETED March 2023) GoogleTV/Chromecast + Apple AirPlay Support

-(COMPLETED May 2023) Add podcast hosting service for content creators & collaborator accounts

-(PARTIAL) Roku Channel (by Q3 2023)

-(PARTIAL) FireTV App (Q4 2023)

-(PARTIAL) Post interaction levels taken into account with algorithm for homepage activity feed

-Redesign of major website and app areas to enhance usability

-Add support for livestreams from website & cross platform options (as opposed to Zoom)

-Better local networking features for finding other users near you and posting local events

-Add lots more shows & courses to AW.TV over time

-More synchronization of content/videos/posts with external social platforms for content creators ease of posting

-Structured collaborative knowledgebase system integrated into social network

-Add ability for content creators to make money based on video views & watch time from subscribers

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